Dear Diary- Some good news.

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I had a follow up Doctors appointment to check on my bloods. Remember before Christmas they found out that I was highly anemic and my folic acid was also really low? Well good news. The levels are all well within the normal range. Hooray. So this means that I can stop taking the tablets. I have to go back in …

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A review of January and planning my way into February

In Lifestyle by Susan

Hi.  Firstly where did January go?  We are now almost 1 week into Feb and I can’t keep up.  I am going straight in with a follow up review of the goals that I set myself back in January.  I am going to reply to my goals in another colour in italics so that we can really see how I …

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January Goals. With positivity comes planning.

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With positivity comes planning.  Or so I am telling myself.  Time to actually jot down some targets or goals to do in January.  Lets not get confused.  This is not New Years Resolutions, I don’t really go in for all of that, but goals – yes! January Goals Finish Decorating Bathroom Finish Painting Window in Kitchen Read all outstanding magazines …