A hand is holding a large bunch of radishes that have been freshly picked from the allotment. The roots of the radishes can be seen.

My Garden Allotment – Radishes

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Yesterday I was really excited when I went to potter in my little garden allotment.  The Radishes were ready to harvest.  It seems to be in synch with my healing journey.  I planted seeds when I was just starting on my Reiki journey and I was completely lost in myself and on the blog, so to harvest them on the day I finally post a blog post seems like fate.

When are radishes ready to harvest?

I am a complete novice with vegetable growing, so I am completely reliant on google and my huge stack of vegetable books when I am not phoning my brother for help.

The majority of advice that I have found tells me that you should see the radish through the soil and the top of the radish should measure approx 1 inch across.

How to tell a radish is ready to harvest. Radishes in the soil. A tape measure can be seen measuring the surface of the radish.

How do pick your radishes

Just grip the green stalks and pull.  They should lift easily from the soil.

Break off the green stalks and leaves.

How to pick your radishes. A hand can be seen gripping the leaves of a radish, gently pulling up from the soil.

Are the radish leaves edible?

According to my book ‘The Garden To Kitchen Expert,’ you can eat young undamaged leaves but only when they are lightly cooked like spinach.  The book states DO NOT EAT THEM RAW.  The hairy leaves can irritate the mouth and cause a skin rash when touched.

Personally, I am not going to be eating the leaves.

How to store your radishes

Fresh is obviously best, so pick and eat when required is obviously advised.  However, this is not always possible.

Remove the tops before storing.  Radishes will keep in a plastic bag in the fridge for a day or two, however, according to my books, they are not suitable for freezing.

A hand can be seen on the left hand side of the image holding a large bunch of radishes freshly picked for the allotment.

What to do with a radish?

The beauty of a radish is that you can eat them raw.  I am going to be grating mine in with a salad, but I will be testing out some different recipes, which I will report back on later and create other posts.

Please get in touch if you have any advice on recipes that I can use.

Love Susan x


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