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Staycation 2016: Day 9. Reality

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Our ‘staycation’ is not going to be a day out everyday and because we are at home, things come up, stuff happens and you have to deal with it.  Its not quite the same as going away on holiday somewhere where you know you have no wifi, or 3g/4g and you can’t be contacted.  This is real life and as …

The launch of my NEW Make-up Website

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After talking about it for so long I have finally got my head into gear and launched my new Make-up Website.  It is still fresh and new and very much work in progress, however I am totally in love with it. I Future plans for my Make Up Site will be revealed to you in future posts soon. Susan x

November in photos

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      For those that want to see my Christmas Advert…. Here it is: My son Archie is also in another Tesco Christmas Ad. Have a look here: I will try to blog daily or at least weekly. Susan