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September 2016 it came and went in a flash.

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Thank you September September has come and gone in a flash in the Bradfield house.  I can’t quite believe how quickly it has gone.  Does anyone else feel like that. September for our family Lets have a quick look through September and what it has meant to us as a family. The children Archie 9.  Castings have been full on …

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Calligraphy. Learning a new Skill

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Calligraphy with Ellen Waldren Last Saturday I had a full day of creativity with a room packed with inspiring women at Southwood Social Hub learning Calligraphy with Ellen Waldren. We were greeted with tables already layed out with our very own bespoke folders labelled with our names written in beautiful Gold Calligraphy.  My heart was singing with excitement, only made …

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My First Ever Attempt at a Watercolour Painting

In Lifestyle, Makeup, New Skills by A Phoenix from the Ashes

Once Upon a Time there was a young girl who totally mucked up her GCSE options at school… (ME) I had to choose a language between French and German.  Well obviously I went for German as I really didn’t like the French Teacher… Now I had selected German as my core language; it meant that the only Arty subject that …