October promotion: 15% discount in my shop

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OCTOBER PROMOTION Better late than never… I am offering 15% discount in my online Susan Bradfield shop At the checkout enter the code: OCTOBERCONKERS I realise the shop is only set up for UK deliveries at the moment, however if you want to order then get in touch and I will organise shipping to your country. Happy shopping. Susan x

A plan.

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So it’s 6.30 on Monday morning. I have just said goodbye to husband and son (aged 14) who are off to London. Son aged 14 is off to London for a whole week for work experience! Yes I am emotional. Yes he is too little to be out there in the big wide world, isn’t he? I feel like I …

The Artists Way: Week 4 review

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Week 4: this was the week that I had been dreading! Really dreading! This was the week/chapter titled ‘Recovering a Sense of Integrity’ . Description of week 4 as stated in book: This week may find you grappling with changing self-definition. The essays, tasks and exercises are designed to catapult you into productive introspection and interrogation of new self-awareness. This …