Valentines Day. Heart made out of sparkly lips. Flat Lay. Wooden Table. Romance is not dead.

Valentines Day from the Sueniverse

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When I say the ‘Sueniverse’ I am talking about the ‘planet’ that my husband is convinced I am from.  So here is how Valentines Day started for me. It was 9am when I woke up this morning (still really happy about this as it is half term and clearly my body needed the sleep) to find hubby had left my …

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Demon Dentist? Why do Dentists scare the living daylights out of me?

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What is it about the Dentist that causes panic? I think in my case I have had my fair share of Dental trauma. Naturally! Of course I would be the one in my family to have the unnatural tooth issues. In a routine x-ray in my youth, they discovered that one of my molars (Big adult double tooth) was growing …

Black Gundog. Black Labrador Retriever. Family Walks.

Happy 9th Birthday to our beauty of a Labrador

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Yeah I know that she is never going to read this; so recording the dogs Birthday is purely a milestone for mine and the families benefit.  Never the less it is our pooch’s 9th Birthday so we are not letting it go unrecorded. Of course she had no clue that it was her birthday, but the sun was shining so …