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Staycation 2016: Day 10. Hatfield Forest & Relaxation

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Another lie in.  What a treat. Smoothie for breakfast.  Hubby announced that he had been all through the cook books and couldn’t find the recipe anywhere.  I smile to myself because it is my own mix and my own recipe.  Ha ha. I never realised just how long it takes 5 people to get organised, ready and out of the …

Staycation 2016: Day 9. Reality

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Our ‘staycation’ is not going to be a day out everyday and because we are at home, things come up, stuff happens and you have to deal with it.  Its not quite the same as going away on holiday somewhere where you know you have no wifi, or 3g/4g and you can’t be contacted.  This is real life and as …

Sunset. Beach Huts. Southwold. ©susanbradfield2016 for

Staycation 2016: Day 6. Southwold

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Staycation Day 6 was a Beach Day. The weather was set to be GLORIOUS! The Bradfield family (including Josh’s GF and our dog) packed into my old Betsie Bus (Ford Galaxy); because it is the bigger car.  We packed, loaded the car and left at 8am in military style and we were off. Despite having taken 1 of the 7 …

Office day.

Staycation 2016: Day 5. Recovery Day

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Yep.  That’s right.  I needed a recovery day.  Its a bit of a ‘thing’ which we will relate back to the Lupus.  Not letting Lupus rule me.  I just sometimes have to take some time out and plan better.  I know tomorrows day out is a BIG one.  Seaside in Sun on a predicted HOT day; is going to take …

Southend. Looking Back. Sky. Clouds.

Staycation2016: Day 2. Southend

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Day 2 of our Staycation found us having a lazy morning.  No alarms set which was lovely. Our plan was to just chill.  We had some food shopping being delivered, had a few bits to get for George’s birthday and then we were going to Southend to pick up my Mum, who had stayed with relatives. We didn’t take the …