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Blue Monday? Could my day get any worse?

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Where have I been for the last 41 years?  Today everywhere I have looked or listened people have been talking about ‘Blue Monday’.  So apparently today is ‘The most depressing day of the year’! Well I have to say, that when all you are seeing and hearing is negative it doesn’t take long for you to feel the gloom sucking …

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Happy 9th Birthday to our beauty of a Labrador

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Yeah I know that she is never going to read this; so recording the dogs Birthday is purely a milestone for mine and the families benefit.  Never the less it is our pooch’s 9th Birthday so we are not letting it go unrecorded. Of course she had no clue that it was her birthday, but the sun was shining so …

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January Goals. With positivity comes planning.

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With positivity comes planning.  Or so I am telling myself.  Time to actually jot down some targets or goals to do in January.  Lets not get confused.  This is not New Years Resolutions, I don’t really go in for all of that, but goals – yes! January Goals Finish Decorating Bathroom Finish Painting Window in Kitchen Read all outstanding magazines …

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Reflection and moving on.

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I will openly admit that I have been really quiet on here.  There have been some issues that I have had to deal with through 2016 personally that put me in a place where I was totally flat with lack of inspiration.  If I am honest I was completely lost and felt that would not be the best place to …