Autumn: A walk to blow away the cobwebs

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After suffering with what seems like a really bad cold for near on four weeks, I finally ventured to the doctors. She has decided that is more than likely that I don’t have a standard cold and need some strong Antibiotics to help me along. That was three days ago. I was hoping that by now they would have kicked …

A little bit of art

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Hooray. I finally felt inspired to do some more art. I started by sketching from a photograph of some tropical flowers that my Mum had taken when she went on her World Cruise. I then used watercolour to paint the image. Feeling very pleased with myself I moved onto my sketchbook. I decided I wanted to practise sketching faces using …

Sunday spent adding flowers and colour to the garden

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Today we decided to tidy the garden before the predicted rain hits. After buying lots of lovely new plants we have filled our pots and added some lovely summer colour to the garden.  We will now be keeping our fingers crossed they survive and don’t get hit by footballs or tennis balls. Take a look at the pictures below, I …

Flowers in my garden

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I have just ventured into the garden to see what’s been happening out there. Believe me it is the furthest I have walked in 4 weeks. Anyway here are some beautiful photos of some of the colours I found. Susan x

Flower Power! Watercolour Painting Number 2

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I am going to be discussing the ‘Flower Power’ a lot over the spring. Why? Well I want to know what it means to people. I LOVE FLOWERS. So to start my little project off I have had another go at painting, again using the medium of Watercolour. These flowers are purely in my imagination and not copied. In fact …