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The Big Feastival 2013. Fun, Laughter, New Contacts, Inspiration, Dreams, Family, Friends and Food

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The last weekend in August ‘The Bradfield Family’ as in me, hubby, George, Josh and Archie all went to ‘The Jamie Oliver Big Feastival‘ which was in the Cotswolds. This is part 1 of 2 posts.  My camera ran out of charge on the Saturday.  So you still have the joy of my Sunday images.  For those we shall have …

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Happy 16th Birthday Zoe. x

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Last night I had the privilege to help a friend out with her daughters 16th birthday party.  Zoe and George have known each other since they were born and now attend the same drama school on a Sunday, so to see them all grown up was quite something.  I felt immensely proud and old. Hope you had a fantastic party …

June 19th: Photo of the day

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The sun finally came out for a while today. At the end of my garden in the hedge some peonies have grown. They are stunning. I always feel. Little guilty for cutting flowers (I don’t know why), but I really wanted to bring the vibrant colour of this flower inside. Susan x


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Spring has finally arrived in our garden. The temperature warmer and the sun is shining today. Just a couple of photos to get me used to using my camera again. I have decided that I need to start taking photo’s and not just with my Iphone 5 (Which I Love).  To actually learn how to use my camera properly.  I …

Spring: What are you hoping for?

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March has been and gone in a bit of a blur… Where did that time go? What am i hoping for? A healthy month for me and my family. We have been riddled with colds, sore throats, swollen glands and high temperatures for what seems like weeks. To be honest I am sick of it (pardon the pun). The trouble …