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Photographing Peonies

In Beauty, Flowers, Home & Garden, Lifestyle by Susan

The camera was out again last week.  It is still NOT on automatic.  I have a bit of obsession with flowers at the moment and we have some beautiful Peonies growing in the garden.  So I thought I would have a look at different ways of taking a picture with them. The sun was out and the dog was being …

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The 100 Days Project. (#100daysofcreatingmygarden)

In Flowers, Home & Garden, Lifestyle by Susan

I have been really working hard to create a beautiful Instagram feed. This comes after I made the decision to separate my Makeup Artist Account and my Blog account which I am now forcing myself to live with.  (It was a hard decision). An account that I follow @elleluna has launched #THE100DAYSPROJECT in which you firstly commit to posting a …

Lets talk about my love of candles.

In Flowers, Lifestyle, Out & About, shopping by Susan

In February 2015 my family and I headed to Whitstable.  It was cold, wet but what a beautiful Seaside Town.  One of my favourite shops here is The Whiting Post.  Just everything about them just makes my heart skip beats.  I love it.  Picture the hubby rolling his eyes as I am just touching items, picking them up absorbing everything …

Good Friday Ramblings.

In Beauty, Family, Flowers, Food, Health & Wellbeing, Lifestyle by Susan

So this was unexpected. I am currently lying in bed with a cold flannel on my head trying to combat a seriously bad headache from the night before. Now before you all jump on the ‘heavy night’ band wagon.  I WISH!  I was meant to be having a night out last night with some school mums in the local wine …

A Birthday. A new start for blogging

In Family, Flowers, Lifestyle by Susan

Today is my birthday. A fresh year so to speak. I have let the blog slip over the last few months due to other commitments. The shop opening. The youngest doing lots of castings. General time management issues. Last night I decided that I would turn over a new leaf; that today being my birthday I would begin a post …