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A bite of energy.

In Books, Family, Food, Health, Health & Wellbeing, Lifestyle by Susan

Deliciously Ella Every Day Cookbook Cinnamon & Honey Energy Bites. These little balls of goodness.  What can I say.  They may not look very aesthetic to the eye, which I am sure is down to my skills of rolling (I am sure that Ella’s look much nicer).  Perhaps I didn’t blend the ingredients enough.  Anyway.  They are perfectly tasty. With …

Rose Quartz and Feng Shui.

In Books, Family, Health, Health & Wellbeing, Lifestyle, shopping by Susan

I am trying really hard to take notice of things around me at the moment.  That’s the spiritual side of me kicking in I think. When pottering in the house earlier this week I moved some crystals from my room.  They looked so pretty I had to take a photo of them. This in turn then re-triggered the feeling that …

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Daily Promt: Things happen for a reason. The Duchess of Malfi was worth the change.

In Books, Entertainment, Family, Lifestyle, shopping by Susan

This has been written and inspired thanks to Daily Prompt. This is what we were asked in the Daily Prompt: Tell us about a time things came this close to working out… but didn’t. What happened next? Would you like the chance to try again, or are you happy with how things eventually worked out? I had been running a pop …

Candy Crush: The Affair. It was fun while it lasted!

In Books, Entertainment, Lifestyle by Susan

I am reclaiming my life! Candy Crush. Obsession! Or it could have been. Seriously a fun game but highly addictive. I refused to install it on my iPhone but did have it on my iPad. I only used it as down time of an evening and occasionally whilst having a cup of tea. So why have I deleted it? When …

Out with the Old!

In Books, Entertainment, Family, Lifestyle by George

To put it frankly, my weekend was one of the worst I’ve had in a long while. Firstly, I was ill, which forced me to rely on enormous amounts of nasal spray, tissues, paracetamol, lemsips, day nurses, night nurses and endless vats of tea! Because of this, I missed EDSA, which as many people will know, is the highlight of …

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Self Learning: Art – Sketching your own hand

In Books, Family, Lifestyle by A Phoenix from the Ashes

This is the third post that I done about self learning.  I am working through DRAWING ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BRAIN, by Betty Edwards. The first exercise was to sit in front of a mirror and do a Self Portrait, then a sketch of a person from memory and then draw your own hand.  The time scale given …