Susan Bradfield - Autumn Styling.

Hello.  My name is Susan Jane Bradfield, a 42-year-old Creative and Multi-tasker.  I am a Leo.   Wife to Roger, Mum to 3 fantastic Boys: George, Joshua and Archie.  I also have a cheeky Labrador who keeps me on my toes.

This blog is a ‘Lifestyle Blog and Journal of my life’.

I can’t pin it down to one category because I never know really what I will be doing each day.  I am like a modern female version of the cartoon character Mr Benn.  Each day I wear a different hat (not literally) and have a different role to play.  My days vary greatly.

So my journey you see is an odd one, but one that I hope you will join me on.  I am a complete mix of a character, like the six sides of a dice.

The Media and Film and TV industry call to me; it feeds my creative side.  Whether I am working as an Agent, Writer, Blogger, Chaperoning or even appearing in the odd thing myself, I NEED IT.  I need this industry!

Then again I love my home.  My home is my happy place, my safe place.  I can walk around barefoot with no makeup.  Pottering, cooking and being creative. I knit, sketch and want to learn to sew so that I can make my own clothes.  I love being at home and one of the biggest achievements for me is that I have been there for my children as they have grown.  I chose to be the one to take them to school and pick them up and look after them whilst my husband worked.  That is something that I would never want to change.


Just a little bit of information about me that you may not know.

(Not listed in any particular order, just as it sprung to mind):

  • I have worked as a Professional Makeup Artist for over 10 years.  Fashion, Film, TV
  • I am a Professional Chaperone for my youngest son Archie in the acting world.
  • I have had some short stories published within an e-book series on Amazon.  Don’t bother checking, I recently found out that they are no longer available.
  • My art was used on the front cover of an e-book on Amazon.
  • I have been mistaken for Davina McCall twice.  Once at an exhibition.  I was followed and chased by tourists who didn’t understand me when I said I wasn’t Davina.  They kept taking my photo.  This was around 12 years ago (I was much younger.  The second time was when I was on holiday with my family, a particular family kept pointing at me and talking.  My Mum went over and spoke to them.
  • I have Lupus
  • I have regrown a NEW Spleen (The first one was removed in 1988) It is not full size, but it is in the wrong place.  They tried to remove it but the operation became life threatening so the op was abandoned.  So I have pain daily because of where this growth is sitting.
  • I was bullied at school.  Nursery age through to last year of secondary.  Verbally not physically, but that is no better or worse than the other.  It is pants and nobody should have to go through being made to feel like that.  It still affects me to this day.
  • I have appeared in a TESCO Christmas Advert
  • I have also just finished filming 2 days for a Feature Film as an extra (Crowd Scene) and also as an extra for a Music Video
  • I love both tea and coffee equally.  Tea has to be my first drink of the day though…
  • I also LOVE hot milk.  It has to be hot enough that it creates a skin on the top, which I love to chew…
  • I love the seaside, but I won’t swim in the sea.  I am still traumatised by JAWS
  • Films that terrify me:   ‘ET’ ,  ‘The Elephant Man’ and ‘Jaws’
  • I bite my nails (Bad habit that I have had since being a child)
  • One day I want to own a small holding in the North Yorkshire Dales.  Have some chickens and spend my days doing yoga, knitting and sewing and cooking…
  • Losing my Dad to Cancer in 1999 (I was 24 and he was in his 50’s) was one of the hardest things I have ever dealt with.  I can’t honestly say I have ever gotten over it and I miss him every single day.
  • Favourite season is Winter.  I love nothing more than knitwear and a big bobble hat.

Meet the family (This is important because they will be mentioned in my blog):

Husband ~ Hubby ~ Hubster ~ OH ~ Mr B  (42) TAURUS

Roger is the sanity to my lunacy.  I am a creative and he is practical.  We are like Yin and Yang: a jigsaw puzzle that just fits together and works.  That may sound cringe but it is true.  

He will openly admit to not understand the performing/media industry but is the most supportive person that I know.  He has even stepped in and taken Archie to castings and Chaperoned him when I have been unable to. You don’t get better than that. 

I have been Married to Roger since 1999 but we have been sweethearts since we met working in Do It All in 1993.  We were 18!!

I may mention him once or twice throughout the blog (using his alias name of Husband, Hubby, Hubster, OH or Mr B.

George ~ Son ~ (20) LEO

Not really a child anymore – as he always reminds me.

George drives a vintage metro and teaches performing arts and dance.  (An amazing dancer himself)

He is also a book worm, talented impressionist, voice impersonator and comedian.

Joshua  ~ Son ~ (17) GEMINI

Still, a teenager but is growing up fast.  Josh has recently learned to drive, is studying for A Levels and plays football for a local U18s team.  He is a complete fashionista and is super fit.

Archie ~ Son ~ (11)  PISCES

Only 11 but has been acting since he was 6 years old and loves it.  He still loves playing football with his friends, Xbox and reading.  Archie makes me laugh every single day.  He has a special bond with our Labrador.

I am now Archie’s Professional Chaperone for his acting work. It is from this journey that I will be writing a guide for other parents whose children want to be actors because it is not easy! There is so much to learn and so many things to know that you don’t get told.  I have been doing castings and been involved in this industry in one way or the other for over 10 years and I am still learning new things every day (WATCH THIS SPACE!)

Becks ~ The Labrador ~ (9 human years/56 in dog years)

This lady has a personality of a human.  I am pretty sure she thinks she is one.  She keeps us on our toes with her mischief.  She came to us at 11 months old and has challenged us ever since.  She is the most affectionate and fun dog.  Loves running, jumping, food and gundog training.  My one failure is my inability to take her on actual shoots (which is what she is made for).  She thinks she is a seal in the sea when we take her to the beach.  If we lived near the sea I think she may have become a surf dog.


Thank you.  If you have reached the bottom of this page, it means that you must be a little intrigued into me and my life.   I am looking forward to filling the pages of my blog with lots of interesting and honest posts.

Loads of Love

Susan xxx