December-2017-Sunset-and-Snow. Buntingford, Herts, UK

Reflecting on 2017

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I thought that it was going to be really hard to look back and reflect on my 2017.  At first glance I wasn’t really sure that I have achieved much, but whilst it may seem like that on the surface, so much has happened.

The way I am going to look back is to go through my diary and write it out in this post as a bullet list.  This is just the way I want to do it, purely for my own benefit.

Are you ready to look back with me?

January 2017

  • I was still working as an HD Brow Stylist.
  • I was hired to do some blog posts for The Women’s Society, which really challenged me and pushed me in my photography.
  • Attending some WordPress training with Loren from Sunny Day Marketing was a real eye-opener and made me really think hard about this blog.
  • Attended Castings with Archie in London.
  • I took control of my Health (Well started a series of hospital Appointments).

Flatlay. January. Hygge book on top of a Newspaper. Coffee and croissant. Perfect relaxed Breakfast.

February 2017

  • I was inspired to write lots of blog posts.
  • I managed to turn up 1 month early at the cinema to watch Beauty and the Beast.
  • It snowed with we went to Hatfield Forest.
  • Archie turned 11.
  • More castings in London with Archie.

Black and White photo. Hatfield Forest. Landscape. February. Snow.

March 2017

  • Hubby and I went to Bournemouth
  • I attended the most amazing Mothers Meeting Event and listened to Eimear Varian Barry talk.  She is so inspirational.
  • I was attending yoga weekly.
  • Archie had quite a few castings this month.
  • I attended the party at Charlotte Murrays as she closed her doors for the last time.
  • I attended a Makelight Walk in London.  Inspiring day taking photos with the group.  I then finished the day with Roger and Archie walking around London.
  • Roger left his job ready to start a new one.  A new chapter was beginning.
  • I made the decision to change direction.  I was no longer going to work as a Makeup Artist or Brow Stylist.
  • I found an abandoned birds nest in the garden.

Hands holding an abandoned birds nest in our garden.

April 2017

  • I watched Les Miserable performed at Factory Playhouse (I CRIED it was so good).
  • More Castings with Archie in London.
  • I went to watch Spurs with hubby.  (In a box).
  • I finally got to watch Beauty and the Beast at the cinema.  This time I turned up on the right day.
  • I had a facial which was bliss.
  • I had my hair cut.
  • Archie was filming – so I was chaperoning him.
  • Attended a Southwood Social and had a buffet lunch.  I ate far too much.
  • I dyed fabric blush pink using the stones from an avocado.

April 2017. Dying fabring in a large saucepan using avocado stones. Blush pink dye.

May 2017

  • I had an amazing Steak dinner out with hubby in London for our Wedding Anniversary.
  • Attended a focus group all about Blogging with Southwood Social Group.
  • Watched Hairspray at Factory Playhouse.
  • Lots of castings with Archie
  • We went to Bulgaria (Our first holiday in years!)

The Bradfield Family. Bulgaria 2017

Josh Bradfield. Poolside in Bulgaria. Sunglasses on. 2017

June 2017

  • Holiday in Bulgaria (Still)
  • Castings with Archie
  • Attended a business supper at Southwood Social Hub (Got very drunk).
  • Went to the races with hubby and his new firm, stayed in a beautiful hotel.
  • Went to costume fittings with Archie
  • Father-in-law had a 70th Birthday Party
  • Archie was filming (I was chaperoning) on the hottest day of the year so far.
  • We watched a show at the Gordon Craig.  It was the first time we had watched a show, where George taught the students drama and dance.

Archie Bradfield. Bulgaria. Facing a blue swimming pool whilst playing a game on his Iphone. 2017

July 2017

  • Attended the birthday party for Meraki Gift.
  • Chaperoned Archie in a Feature Film.
  • Attended costume fittings with Archie.
  • Attended Castings with Archie.
  • I attended a dance audition for a Feature Film (For me – not Archie).
  • Attended a blogging Workshop at Southwood Social Hub with Claire from Twins that Travel.
  • Attended a Hair, Makeup and Costume fitting for a Feature Film (FOR ME).
  • I had my tear ducts blocked with temporary plugs.
  • I filmed for a Feature Film.
  • Roger took Archie to a casting as I was working on a film.

July 2017 Black and White image of Susan Bradfield in Rollers for a Feature Film Hair trial.

August 2017

  • I filmed for a Feature Film
  • Roger took Archie to a casting as I was working on a film.
  • I went to the Blogosphere Summer Party.
  • Had a dentist appointment.
  • Spent time with my boys and hubby.  (Summer Holidays).
  • Filmed a Music Video (As in I was in it!)
  • Went to Kew Gardens.
  • Went to Southwold.


September 2017

  • Hair coloured.
  • Socialised and caught up with several friends.
  • Spent a day watching Gabrielle Bernstein in London.  AMAZING.
  • Changed consultant and hospital.
  • Had a business meeting with Jody from Pen Works Media.
  • Went to ‘The Little Stranger’ Wrap party with Archie and hubby.  (Archie was invited – we were chaperoning).
  • Went to Friendsfest.
  • Spent a day with George in London having new headshots with Pepe Escuredo.
  • Went to the screening of ‘Portalis’ in Henley.


October 2017

  • Flu Jab.
  • Castings in London with Archie.
  • Filming with Archie (overnight at a hotel).
  • Vickie from Inpolife got me a giant plant from Lidl as I couldn’t get there to get one. (I paid her for it and had a cheeky coffee at her gorgeous home)
  • My car passed her MOT.

October 2017-Archie-Bradfield-in-hilton-Hotel.

November 2017

  • Josh Passed his driving test.
  • Meetings with Pen Works Media
  • Finally became a Talent Agent for Pen Works Media.
  • Castings with Archie.
  • Went to the cinema and watched ‘Daddy’s Home 2’.
  • Went to cinema to watch ‘Bad Moms Christmas’.
  • Hubby and I went Christmas Shopping in Milton Keynes.


December 2017

  • Put our tree and decs up on 2nd December.
  • Attended an event at Spotlight.
  • Went to a Festive Wreath Making workshop with Bare Blooms.
  • We had snow and the schools shut.
  • Our new cooker was fitted.
  • Castings in London with Archie.
  • Met up with a friend who I haven’t seen in a very long time.
  • Spent 4 wonderfully busy, exhausting but fabulous days over Christmas with family and friends.
  • Our cooker deserves another mention for cooking our Christmas food so wonderfully!
  • My beautiful friend Lianne gave birth to a beautiful little boy!
  • I realised whilst writing this what a wonderful year I have actually had!

Black Gundog Labrador wearing a childs winter hat in the snow. Buntingford. UK. December 2017


Somewhere this year and I can’t pinpoint where or when or even which month it happened in, but I have lost a lot of confidence in myself and my ability to blog or be creative.

However looking back over this year I am smiling.  What a year.  I have actually achieved so much.  This is not even touching all of the stuff I have done at home, like creating a vegetable garden.

So why do we forget?  Why do we forget the good stuff?

My year has been busy.  It has been busy in a direction of the Film/TV Industry, which I have been a part of for so long, but this year, in particular, I have stepped out of my comfort zone and been in front of the screen too.  Honestly almost bottled it, but it was my husband and my kids that made me go.  Hands up I BLOODY LOVED IT.

So I end my year in a positive mind set, as a Talent Agent representing Young Performers, as a Licensed Chaperone, and occasional Background Artist, as a wife, as a proud Mum to 3 and as a Lifestyle blogger.

I have written some things down that I would like to manifest from the Universe and some goals, but in all honesty, I just want to go with the flow.  I will reveal my goals in a new post, as this one is already ridiculously long.

2018 is going to rock.

Thank you for following and all of your support this year.

Love and Light

Susan x

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