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Morning Notes can trigger change.

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I have been so busy recently that I have really neglected my blog, so I can only apologise.  So many things keep getting in my way and I keep forgetting to take photos on my Nikon when we actually have daylight.  Naturally, this post was actually triggered by me randomly procrastinating on Instagram.  Whilst watching my Instagram stories I found myself drawn to watch Emma Mumfords story.  She was talking about Crystals and Morning Notes and I was just in awe.   It made me really want to grab my notebook and start back on Morning Notes again.  Her stories ignited excitement in me.

For those of you who have no clue what I am talking about then you need to check out THIS book from Julia Cameron.  It is called The Artists Way and is ‘A Course in Discovering and Recovering Your Creative Self’.  I am a huge fan of this book and did the full book a few years ago.  I find that writing those 3 pages of morning notes really help to clear my mind before I start on the day.  My good friend Lianne is also a huge fan of this book and has developed her own useful worksheets to help you.  Find them on her blog here.

Generally, all of my creativity has been lost this year.  I need a really big kick up the bum, I really do because I am a creative and I have to have the balance to function.  Morning notes are key in this transition, so I really need to find the time to get back to writing.  I honestly believe that when I start doing this task every day, the rest will naturally follow.

This blog has been going since 2011 and It was always meant to be a lifestyle blog about my life, my real life.  So I suppose it is a journal showing more of my personal life and how I juggle life as a parent of 3 boys (age 20,17 and 11), wife to 1, dog owner, creative, chaperoning and working in the Entertainment industry.  My life is not the average life.  It isn’t, but I want to share more and be true and honest.  I think that I have listened to far too many people telling me what I should and shouldn’t be doing on my blog only to find they have gone ahead and done the exact same thing that they advised me not to.  That hurts.

So here is the plan or not a plan if you like.  I am going to write what I want when I want.  It might be home-based, fashion-based, makeup based.  It may just be me waffling on about Lupus or Chronic Fatigue.  There will be lots of talk about the Entertainment Industry because I am a Mum of a child Actor and juggling life and castings can be bloody tough.  I am also now an agent!!!  I know right.  That’s insane because I was only saying out loud this year that I really wanted to be an agent, and low and behold an opportunity presented itself and it is happening.

But what I am trying to say in my roundabout waffling way is that this blog, this lifestyle blog, this little space on the internet that belongs to me is going to be just that, a space to write, to share, to hopefully inspire others.  I am not going to overthink things, I am just going to be me which is so important.  There are elements of my blog which won’t suit everyone all of the time, I know that, but there will be something for everyone I am sure.  Whether that is my home life, my dog, my kids, recipes or it might be the Industry that interests you.  Whatever it is then I hope you stick around for more.

I am going to be ‘TRUE TO ME’.

Going back to the reason for this post for a second.  After watching Emma’s stories on Instagram, I dashed off to find my notebooks and came across a box under my bed.  In that box was my precious jewellery that I thought was lost.  It is all silver and needed a good clean, but I was so excited to find it.  If that is not the Universe rewarding me for listening then I don’t know what is.

What happened next?  Well, I knew that I wanted to write a blog post because I was so excited.  So I then needed to take some photos for the blog post.  Which meant creating a couple of flat-lays and using my Nikon.  Happiness and Creativity overload.

Flat-lay on a dark oak surface.  Silver Jewellery.  Candle.  Huggling couple ornament.

Susan x

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