Pumpkins on display at a Pearces Farm Shop. Overlay of words to read: Top 10 Moments of October 2017

Top 10 Moments of October 2017

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October lets look back

I find myself this morning in need of a huge amount of positivity, so I wanted to share with you my top 10 moments of October.  It is so easy to look at things that haven’t happened or things that we don’t have, but I want to remember the stuff that has happened and that I do have in my life.

So in no particular order:

Number 1

The silhouette of Susan Bradfield. Standing on top of a Haystack at Church Farm Ardley. The Sun is setting amongst clouds.

Number 2

Red Magazine with a Coconut Milk Latte.

That moment when you are delivered one of your favourite magazines through the post.  I have been a subscriber to RED for so many years.  It is by far one of my favourites.

Number 3

Black Labrador Christmas Stockings at Liberty London Christmas Department.

Archie has had a few castings in London this month which we were so excited about.  It meant that we got to visit Liberty London to see their Christmas Department.  No doubt we will be back up their soon to get a little bit more of a Christmas fix.

Number 4

Archie Bradfield. Actor. Sitting inside a Union Jack bubble chair.

Archie was booked for a job.  We were put in a hotel overnight the day before filming.  It was absolutely stunning.  These moments with this boy I will treasure always.  I only wish I could take all of my boys and Roger.

Number 5

Susan Bradfield and her Mum in VIP at the Peter Andre concert at Milton Keynes Ice Planet

I was contacted by the gorgeous Amanda from Ginger Mum Style blog to see if I wanted 2 VIP tickets to the Peter Andre concert in Milton Keynes.  This was a little treat that I shared with my Mum.  We had such a great night!

Number 6

Black and white image of a yoga mat and blanket

I finally got back to a Yoga Class.  Something that I had missed so much.  I am making a note to myself that I must block this out of my diary as ‘ME TIME’.  It is essential that I attend my classes.

Number 7

Susan Bradfield at Wimpole hall with her Black Labrador.

Having Hubby at home for half term was such a treat.  We managed to get out and about and visited one of my favourite places, Wimpole Hall.  It is National Trust and has the most amazing fields to walk your dog.  I needed this walk to blow the cobwebs away.

Number 8

Pancakes on a blush pink plate from Ikea. Highgrove Lemon Curd from Fortnums and Masons in a jar. Lemon Curd is Spread on the Pancake

Roger surprised us with pancakes one morning.  It was my perfect opportunity to get out the Lemon Curd that was delivered in my hamper from Fortnum and Mason for my birthday.

Number 9

I got my camera out of the cupboard and used it.  For some reason, in the last couple of months, I have had writer’s block, been riddled with self-doubt and lost any enthusiasm for anything creative.  NOT ANYMORE.  It is starting to lift, that black cloud.  I just need to reign myself in and do things gradually, but be assured you will be seeing a lot more of my creative side.  I need to feed that side as well.  Anyway, this is an image I took using my Nikon D3200 at Church Farm, Ardley.

Number 10

Fresh Coffee and Mince Pies

What can I even say about this image.  I love Mince Pies.  Yes it may be Halloween and we still have Bonfire night to do before I should even be thinking about Christmas, BUT I love Mince Pies.  Nothing will stop me eating these.