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Blogosphere Summer Party 2017 – What is it really like?

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Networking is something that doesn’t come naturally to me; it is something that I have had to dig really deep to do, confidence wise.  I am getting there and trying really hard to put myself out there.  So when I discovered Blogosphere Magazine and realised that they were holding a Summer Party (The Blogosphere Summer Party) for bloggers, I instantly booked my ticket, without giving it a second thought.  I can be quite spontaneous when I want to be and often I find that those things that happen at short notice are often the best.  Probably because I don’t allow myself time to think about it.

The event was held on Saturday 5th August in The White Loft at Lumiere, London, which is not somewhere that I had visited before, however I kind of had a vague idea of the area, so wasn’t too worried.  I was going solo to this event.  It was me, myself and I and boy were those nerves starting to rear their ugly head on the journey up there.  I almost talked myself out of going, changing trains and going window shopping in town.  There is something about fear that can really stop you living if you let it.  Not this time…

The Universe seems to be throwing things at me this Summer, to challenge me and I think to test me a little bit.  The nerves that I felt en-route to this event was small in comparison to the time I found myself in a dance audition for a Feature Film (that was off the scale and definitely made for another blog post).  I knew that I could get through it.  Even though I have had this blog since 2009, it was really only recently that I am actually blogging and class myself as a blogger.  So I am still a newbie, albeit an old-newbie.

The venue did not disappoint.  It was stunning.  There was a staircase to the top floor which was where the party was being held.  As I climbed the staircase I could hear the music and some chatter and then when I rounded the corner, the first thing I saw was a table full of Macarons from L’Orchidee and I just knew that everything was going to be fine.  (I have a thing for Macarons; they are not only delicious, but they are so photogenic).

A selection of brightly coloured Macarons from L'Orchidee. Blogosphere Summer Party 2017.

After checking myself in, I realised that I literally knew nobody and was quite possibly the oldest blogger in attendance.  But attend I did and it was time to mingle.


First stop BRAUN.  Can you believe it a whole stand full of fabulous BRAUN products.  I can’t believe that I didn’t take a photo of the BRAUN stand and I can only apologise, but I got so over excited at this stand.  There were SO many amazing products on show that I had no clue BRAUN even made.

I will have to refer to the information from my leaflet, because I am so embarrassed that I didn’t take a photo of the other products.  Just some of the products at the event were:

Braun Silk-epil 9 SkinSpa with new Body Cellumassager Pad (available at Boots, Amazon and Argos)

Braun FaceSpa with new Skin Vitalising Pad (available at Boots and

Braun Silk-expert 3 IPL (Available exclusively from Amazon)

I have an excuse for forgetting to take the photos: a teeny excuse, but an excuse nevertheless.  That excuse being that the lovely lady at BRAUN had just given me a product.  FOR FREE.  Yes I was GIVEN a NEW BRAUN Silk-expert 3 IPL machine worth £299.99.

I cannot even begin to explain how I refrained from doing the Chandler Dance.

To say firstly that I thought she was joking.  It would be a bit of a sick joke, but I really genuinely thought that she was joking.  She had to tell me a couple of times that she was ‘GIVING’ it to me.  Once the penny dropped I hugged that baby so hard (I am talking about the IPL machine, not the lady) although I would have hugged her if I hadn’t been trying to stay cool.  I was saying over and over in my head “Stay cool Susie, Stay cool”.

WHAT JUST HAPPENED.  I am at my first ever blogger event and I have just been given the most amazing product.  Thank you so much BRAUN.  I am going to get in touch with their PR to thank them and get some more information on the products, so that I can be talk a bit (LOT) more about this over on You Tube as well as on the blog and probably on Instagram too.


The next stand that I came across was simply stunning.  So…? (That is the brand) So…?  Body Mist and Fragrance.  They made their stand look amazing.  It was aesthetically appealing and it smelt divine.  So Fragrance were launching their NEW Body Mists – Available in 14 irresistible scents.  Each fragrance spritz promises to awaken your senses and immerse you in irresistible aromas.

Flatlay. So...? Body Mist by So...? Petals dotted around with some yellow roses. White table cloth making the beautiful colours of the packaging pop

Each of us were given a bright pink goody bag with several items from their range in.  I have got

  • I am…SO…?  eau de parfum
  • SO…?  SHEER ILLUSION fragrance mist
  • The NEW Body Mist by SO…?  in the following scents:  Vanilla, White Petals, Pink Grapefruit and Musk.  (The musk scent was actually included within the BLOGOSPHERE GOODY BAG)

How amazing is that?  I am one happy blogger right now and my desk looks so pretty with all of these lovely items from the event.

I was exhausted from the excitement but I continued around the room where there was a table dedicated for flat-lays.  Blogger/Instagram dream.

A flat-lay table at the Blogosphere Summer Party 2017. A table dedicated to playing with all the products and pretty things. A photographer/blogger and instagrammers dream

Embarrassing Confession Time

I didn’t realise that we were allowed to use this as our own flat-lay.  The image I took was already laid out so lovely that I just took the photo.  It wasn’t until much later on that I realised we could change the products around to make the flat-lay for our own blogs.  SUSIE you have excelled on stupidity.  Look, I am a complete newbie and claiming this as a ‘first event boo boo’.

Next time I am going to be all over it.


By now I was thirsty and ready for a drink.  I wasn’t going to actually have a drink because in true Susie style I had worn white.  WHITE!!!  I am renowned for missing my mouth (We think it is hereditary as my Mum is the same) but I was so thirsty that I was willing to take the risk.  Besides I could see already that people had straws.

The drinks were being provided by SEKFORDE and BELVOIR FRUIT FARMS

I wasn’t driving as my lovely Hubby had driven me to the station, so I treated myself with a cocktail.  The choice of cocktail was Gin, Rum or Whisky mixed with the SEKFORDE Botanical Mixer, created specifically to unlock the flavour of the spirit.  Whisky it was then.  (Didn’t know I liked whisky, did you?)

Blogosphere Summer Party in full swing. The bar was being hosted by Sekforde drinks. Bespoke Botanical Mixers for Whiskey, Gin and Rum.

Sekforde Bespoke Botanical Mixer for Whiskey. Blogosphere Summer Party

Blogosphere Summer Party. Sekforde Bespoke Botanical Mixers for Gin

Sekforde Bespoke Botanical Mixers for Rum. Blogosphere Summer Party

Guest Speakers

So let’s just have a recap: great brands, goodies, drinks and Macarons, but we are still going…

We were treated to some talks by some Guest Speakers.

  • Sekforde Drinks were first up, who gave us a lovely talk on the history of their brand, what ingredients are used into their mixers and why and what makes them unique.  I am not giving all the details away in this blog post because I am working on a little something special for a future post.
  • We were then treated to a talk by Debs Stubbington who has an amazing blog called Bang on Style (Blog envy right here).  What an amazing woman.  The weird thing about being surrounded by loads of other bloggers is that there was no feeling of competition.  Debs was so helpful with advice on blogging, content and tips on photo editing.  I really picked up so many tips from her.

Debs Stubbington talks at Blogosphere Summer Party

  • Following on from Debs we had the lovely Beth Eve; who also has a gorgeous blog.  She was giving tips on SEO and Digital Marketing.  The knowledge this lady has is amazing.  Too many to write down and I am sure I have forgotten some of them already.

Beth Eve talks at Blogosphere Summer Party

  • Last but by no means least, Simon Burrell from The Nomis Agency took his turn to speak.  Simon is the CEO and Founder of The Nomis Agency, which looks after You Tube, Influencers and Bloggers acting as their agent.  This is super exciting for someone like me who is now taking their blog to the next level.  I don’t feel quite ready for an agent yet, but never say never.


Yes, it’s true. I made friends.  Who knew that by going to a networking party full of other bloggers, you can end up making friends?  I know that I have made some really good friends networking at Southwood Social Hub, but they are not all bloggers.

So I just want to finish up my blog with a little shout out to those that really made me smile, laugh and have made me want to go to more of these days:

Lauretta from Home and Horizon

Hannah from A New Addition


Leena from Astrologer London

Thank you girls for making my day even more amazing.

The Goody Bag

Urm, Wow Wow Wow.

The Blogosphere Magazine Bag was jammed with amazing products, but we also had a big bag of goodies from So…?

As if that wasn’t amazing enough I also came home with a fabulous item from BRAUN.

Watch my You Tube Video to see more…

Final words

Thank you.  That is all I can say.  Blogosphere Magazine is so inspirational and the Summer Party that they hosted was brilliant.  I can’t wait for the next one.

Susan x