Tray of ingredients in the sunshine ready to make a coconut and cacao smoothie.

Post-filming smoothie that kids love.

In Casting Mum, Food by Susan

I have mentioned this recipe in a recent post when I spoke about the difficulties of getting a tired child motivated for school following a late night filming.

When your child is in a lovely sleep and you have to get them up for school, we can all be guilty of a bit of bribery to get them up and ready in time.

This smoothie recipe is healthy and by adding a tiny amount of cacao, it gives it a chocolaty taste.  Its a winner in our house.  Plus it is super quick, giving us all those extra needed minutes of sleep.


1 Banana

250ml Coconut Milk

A tablespoon of Honey

A teaspoon of cacao

Add all the ingredients in your mixer and blend.

Serve in your favourite glass and add a funky retro straw as well just to add to the enjoyment.

  • Looking down onto the Indgrients to make Coconut and Cacao smoothie


  • Banana. Peeled and ready to go into the food blender.


  • Looking down into the blender before the ingredients have been mixed.

I hope you love the smoothie as much as Archie does.

Susan x