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The morning after filming the night before.

In Casting Mum by Susan

When you have a child who works in the industry it is so important that they keep up with their education.  So last week when the shoot Archie was filming over-ran, it meant that we didn’t get home until gone midnight.  In fact I am pretty sure Archie didn’t get into bed asleep until 1am.  This is just one of those things that happen and that you have to face sometimes.  Getting your child up for school the next day when they have only had 6 hours sleep is never going to be nice.

When the alarm went off, I did not want to get up, so I knew I was going to have to wake Archie carefully.

Filming Times

Dealing with tiredness is a part of the job, because when your child is booked for a job it is exactly that…a job.  Things can happen on set that can make shoots overrun.  Always be familiar with the legal times that your child can be at the shoot location.  Archie is 11 now.  The earliest he can be called is 7 am and the latest time he can be at the shoot is 11 pm without a special extended license. 

The location of the shoot, can also mean that you may be travelling home quite late, which is what happened to us.  Fortunately Archie’s Dad drove down to set, to collect us and bring us home, which I am SO grateful for, otherwise we would have been negotiating trains in the night.

Do remember that some jobs do provide transport for you, but this is not always the case.

Tips for waking a tired child:

Leave it as long as you can before you wake them

Lift their blinds gradually or open their curtains gradually to let natural light in.  This may help to wake them without your intervention.

Bribe them with their favourite breakfast (I am not talking a full English cooked breakfast here)  Archie actually wanted a Banana, Honey and Cacao Smoothie because all he had to do was drink.

Make sure their uniform and bags are all packed ready to go.  They only have to think about eating, showering, dressing and cleaning their teeth.  Trust me this helps.

Don’t underestimate the strength of your child

Children are really resilient.  It is always horrible to wake a tired child out of a deep sleep, especially when it is to send them to school.  Generally after a good breakfast, drink and a shower they wake up a bit and feel ok.  The adrenalin of being with their friends at school will keep them going, so don’t feel too hard on yourself.  They adapt and they get on with it the same as we do and catch up with sleep really quickly.

Susan x