National Stationery Week. Desk Flatlay showing desk planner, Make it happen workbook, pen, coffee and cath kidston diary.

National Stationery Week – Planning well. Exclusive 15% Reader discount with Got 2 Jot

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A Collaboration with Got 2 Jot for National Stationery Week.

Hip Hip Hooray.  It is officially National Stationery Week, which means only one thing: that I can indulge in my love and passion for Stationery and shout about it.

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If there is a chance to explore more Stationery in my life, I am there, so when Sarah from Got 2 Jot contacted me to see if I would be interested in a collaboration I did a little dance.

My life is chaotic on a calm day and organisation and time management has always been an issue for me.

I do have notebooks and lists and diaries (several on the go at once), and I would be lying if I said I didn’t procrastinate (A LOT), all of which I disclosed to Sarah.

She wanted to send me a couple of things to help me for this weeks project and I have to say, when the parcel arrived I had butterflies of excitement.

Got 2 Jot have come up trumps here, because they have sent me exactly what I needed.

Item 1.  Weekly to do list for important things

A weekly to do list with a difference.  This planner has columns for every day of the week including a notes section at the end for those important jobs.

52 tear off sheets means it will last you the year.

Once the week is completed you can carry over your to do list into the following week.

National Stationery Week. Collaboration with Got 2 Jot. Important things to do this week, tear of desk planner.

Item 2.  Make it happen – Workbook productivity tracker

If you want to work smarter and be more productive then this workbook productivity tracker is a great starting place.

Kari Chapin once again delivers a great workbook with lots of templates for you to use to show how you use your time and identify ways to be more efficient.

Its a time management tool, a to do list and a productivity tracker all in one.

From looking at an hourly breakdown of your day to showing how to swap tasks around the journal will help you re-think your day.

144 pages,  6″ x 8″ so perfect size to fit in your bag and take with you.

National Stationery Week. Make it Happen workbook. Inspirational planner for helping you get organised.

Lets get organised

I have already started using the desk planner.  Having it on the desk means I can glance over and see what jobs I have done and also being able to spread them out realistically through the week means I am more likely to achieve results.  There is nothing worse that looking at a 2 page list is there?  This list is where I will start.  I will plan my week and then transfer items daily into my workbook.

Desk Photo. Image shows someone actually writing on the desk planner. Coffee and notebook. Work in action

The Make It Happen workbook, I am super excited about.  I have not used anything like this before, but just filling in the first page, I have set myself 4 things for today that are priority and HAVE to be done today.  There is a notes section that I have added some bits into including tracking my social media stats.  Tracking my stats on social media is something that I keep meaning to do, so this is going to give me that daily inspiration.

Hand holding the Make it happen work book. The desk can be seen in the background, showing coffee and desk planner and notebook

National Stationery Week. Make it Happen work book. Personalised with name. Desk ready to work

In the book it has a BREAK IT DOWN section,  So that I can analyse how many hours I have spent working, taking breaks and ‘goofing around’.

Followed by questions such as:

What task took the most time today?  How can I improve tomorrow?

The inside of MAKE IT HAPPEN by Kari Chapin. Accountability, Productivity and planning

Turn the page and it has a section called I COULD SWAP along with more space for notes and thought provoking exercises

Turn the page again and you have lots more sections for notes and tracking different things.  The last page per day has a GET IT DONE section.  This gives you space to plan for TODAY, THIS WEEK and THIS MONTH.


Even as I write this I can see which section of the book  I am going to be regularly adding my social media stats to.  Its a great place to note down my blog ideas as I have them and places to write important thoughts as I have them.  Having them all in the book means they won’t get lost on post it notes, or in a notebook on a shelf.  This will become my daily go-to work planner.

Being organised is key to my life right now.

Part of my ‘Important things to do today’ is to prep my day tomorrow.  Tomorrow I will be chaperoning Archie on set, so I have lots to prepare not only for us being away, but also making sure the boys and hubby have everything sorted back home.

About National Stationery Week

National Stationery Week runs from Monday 24th April through to Sunday 30th April.   A week dedicated to encouraging people to put technology down and to write and be creative.  Have a look at their website, It has lots of ideas for you to join in with.  How about just writing a letter or a card?  Maybe doing some art and being creative.  Just put pen to paper for a while.

Exclusive reader discount with Got 2 Jot

We are so super excited to be doing this collaboration with Got 2 Jot because not only is it giving me the opportunity to get my life organised, but I get to share an EXCLUSIVE READER DISCOUNT with you.  (UK only).

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Get in touch.

Do let me know what you are doing for National Stationery Week.  I love hearing what peoples favourite stationery products are.

Susan x