Blossom hanging from a tree in focus. In the background out of focus you will see a beautiful pastel coloured townhouses set in a square. Blue sky. Primrose Hill, London. Makelight Photo-walk.

Spring Photo walk in London with Emily Quinton and Makelight

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Last Saturday I stepped out of my comfort zone, by doing something that was on my wish list.  To attend and join in on a Photo-Walk with the amazing Emily Quinton from Makelight.

The plan was that the group were meeting outside Chalk Farm Station at 11am, but me being me, arrived super early.  Not just a little bit early; I was 45 minutes early.

There was a cute coffee shop that I parked myself in, where I enjoyed a latte and a croissant, whilst keeping an eye on the window to see group arrivals.

When another lady arrived in the coffee shop I spotted she had an Olympus Pen, around her neck.  Obviously I assumed she was with the Makelight group and said hello.  Thank goodness she was because that could have been really awkward.  Anyway meeting Sara from @kookymagpie made me feel totally at ease because I felt that I knew someone.

Coffee absorbed, toilet stop made it was time to meet the rest of the group.

What I find really fascinating is out of our group of women, all taking photo’s along the same path, the images really take on their own individual style. We all have our own interpretations and styles of photography.
As individuals we should celebrate our own achievements.Susan Bradfield x
There were about 16 of us in total (I think) and there is something quite magical about being surrounded by like-minded people.  Don’t you think?  There was no pressure, everyone was friendly and the one thing that always worries me when you go to something on your own (basically being left on your own) just didn’t happen.

I always found I had someone to chat to, laugh with or help me with a setting on my camera.

Some of these girls were pro’s or it certainly felt like it.  They had no inhibitions in standing in the road snapping away.  This is something that I have admired but never done.  In for a penny and all that.  If you don’t take a leap of faith then you will never get anywhere.

Thankfully none of us were injured in the walk.  The roads were quiet private roads, so its not like we were holding up Oxford Street.

If you follow my blog then you will know from my ramblings how much I love London.

One day I will win the Lottery and will buy a pad in the city.  Ideally one of the gorgeous pastel coloured town-houses that we photographed, set in a square around the cutest little park.  (It will need to be a large win universe if you are listening).

I have picked out some of my favourite pictures from Saturday.  What do you think?  Please leave me a little comment.

S x

  • Blossom. Primrose Hill. London. Makelight Walk




  • A row of pastel painted Townhouses in Primrose Hill, London. A tall tree casts beautiful shadows across the houses. A bright blue sky above with a slight wispy cloud. Makelight Photowalk


  • White Blossom. Red flowers. Spring. Primrose Hill, London. Town Houses in the background. Makelight Photowalk
  • Vintage Cream VW Beetle. Parked outside a beautiful Townhouse in Primrose Hill London. Spotted whilst on a Makelight Photowalk.


  • White climbining flowers on the doorstep or a townhouse in Primrose Hill, London. Black railings can be seen in the background. Makelight Photo Walk


  • Window box filled with Spring flowers. Attached to black railings in the front of a bright blue painted townhouse in Primrose Hill, London. Makelight Photowalk


  • Bridge. Camden Lock. Canal Boats, Canal, River, Saturday Lifestyle. London. Spring Makelight Walk.
  • Painted Bridge, London. Makelight Photo Walk
  • Pink Blossom Tree. Looking up towards a pastel pink townhouse in Primrose Hill. Blue Sky. Makelight Photo Walk
  • Blossom hanging from a tree in Primrose Hill, London. Makelight Photowalk