Happy Birthday as Archie turns 11

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February 21st – Archie’s Birthday

This week we had a Birthday in the house.  As a parent; the excitement of a Birthday never goes away.  In fact I think as my boys grow older, they get a little more excited.

Trying to find clues to find out what they may have a gift is just one of the excited things that happen in our house.  I am the worst.  I don’t really want to know what I get, but its fun trying to find out.

This week Archie turned 11.  ELEVEN.  Where has that time gone?

This is the first year that Archie has had to go to school on his Birthday.  Usually his Birthday falls in Half Term, but for some reason, this year his school were a week earlier.

To say he was unimpressed is an understatement.  He did try his very best appeal as to why he should be allowed to have the day off of school.  If only life were that kind darling boy.

The cake

Archie for the second year running produced a ‘very specific’ design for his Birthday Cake.  We were once again running with the chocolate cake style.  This year however we were downsizing on tiers (Thank goodness – last year saw me using skewers to hold the many tiers together).

So the cake  design was as follows:

  • 2 Tier Chocolate Sponge
  • Hidden pool of runny caramel inside
  • Broken up Hobnobs inside the central Butter Cream filling
  • Butter cream on top with Chocolate Star decorations.

Sounds simple?  Well maybe I could have done it, had I not have been in London with Archie for a casting on Monday.  It left me little time to buy ingredients, let alone work out how to make the cake.

Thankfully my lovely brother was off work for a couple of days and I am quite honest when I say – “He makes bloody good cakes”.  Trevor took on the challenge and produced a cake that was AMAZING.

This ‘Death by Chocolate Cake’ (Named by Trev) was completely to Archie’s specification and beyond!

Archie despite being at school, had a great Birthday and loved his cake.

One of my favourite photos is of him blowing out his candles.  I really hope he made a wish and that all his dreams come true.

Susan x