Valentines Day. Heart made out of sparkly lips. Flat Lay. Wooden Table. Romance is not dead.

Valentines Day from the Sueniverse

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When I say the ‘Sueniverse’ I am talking about the ‘planet’ that my husband is convinced I am from.  So here is how Valentines Day started for me.

It was 9am when I woke up this morning (still really happy about this as it is half term and clearly my body needed the sleep) to find hubby had left my Valentine’s Card on my bedside.  Hubby is at work, so would have left home at around 5:30 (There is no hope on earth of me waking up at this time).   What is wrong with this little scene is that I completely forgot to leave my Hubby his Valentine’s Card out…whoops.

Now whilst it appears good that I had a luxury lie in, it did in fact mean that I only had an hour to get myself and Archie organised and ready, as he had a hair appointment in Hertford at 10.45 (Its a half hour drive away and you have to factor in parking time).  We did make it on time, but the I had missed my second cup of tea and it was already way past mid-morning, and I was struggling.

In other news, that I discovered by listening at the Hairdressers – I did not realise that SUBWAY had FREE sandwiches today when you purchased a drink… FREE SUBWAY people.  Archie was most disgruntled that I refused to let him have one at 11:30am, instead trundled him back to the car to head home.  I actually think that Mr B (Hubby) will actually be quite disappointed with me for NOT taking advantage of the FREE SUBWAY offer today.  Should I tell him?  No doubt Archie will tell him, so I may as well fess up.

Valentines Movie

The cold that has been circulating and living in Archie, has spread to me.  I am feeling pretty rubbish, so this afternoon I wanted to just curl up and watch a film.  After blasting out the ‘soundtrack’ to TWILIGHT in my car earlier, this was the obvious choice for Archie and I to watch.  After scrolling through SKY cinema I couldn’t believe that the TWILIGHT films were not on the ‘Valentine’s film’ list.  Really?  Ok so he is a Vampire and she is human, but this is a love story!  I love it.  It is ok, because after much rummaging in the cupboard, we found the DVD and harmony was restored as Archie and I settled down to watch the film.  It is every bit as good as I remember (It has been a few years since I watched the film) and now I want to read the books again.  Win win.

Computer Glitches

It has taken me a good couple of hours to actually be able to get on my computer.  It is a PC and quite frankly is a pile of poo.  Hubby got me a small notebook, which came free as part of a package to go back to SKY TV and it saddens me to say that it is just no good for what I want it for.  I have tried, I really have to make it work, but I can barely see the words on the screen (My eyes are pretty bad atm) and my fat fingers just can’t cope with the teeny keyboard.  I also need to have good photo editing on the computer, this is key when you are writing a blog.

The head cold is making me super grumpy today, but I really need to have a decent working computer to really nail being a blogger.  The picture of the MACBOOK PRO is going back on the vision board.

Dirty Dancing

The exciting news is that Mr B (Hubby) and I are off to the cinema tonight to watch Dirty Dancing on the big screen.  Poor Mr B, may well be the only man in the cinema, but he is super lovely and doesn’t care.  I can’t wait to see this on the big screen.  Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray are a top team.  I spent many a happy day in my teenage years imagining myself to be ‘Baby’.  I even had the permed hair and the wardrobe to match.  Who know’s after tonight, you may see me back in the hairdressers chair asking for a perm.  Please let me have a perm?

In other news

We are trying to persuade Mr B, that we need a puppy.  I will keep you posted on that one.

Hope you are having a great Valentines Day.

Loads of Love

Baby (Oops I mean Susan obviously)