52 Book Challenge. Book 2. The Chemist. Stephanie Meyer. Book Review

Book Two – The Chemist

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Hi Guys.  The second book I have chosen to read is The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer.  I received this book as a Christmas present from my 11 year old brother, who apparently had the bookshop in stitches trying to select a book for me. Now, having read the book, I’m going to share my spoiler-free verdict.

My Opinion

My brother clearly knows me very well, as I did very much enjoy this book. It was fast-paced and threw some real curveballs that really made the book gripping.

The story itself focused on a mysterious ex-government agent, whom we follow in her secret hideaway life as “Alex”, but renowned in the world of espionage as The Chemist, someone who can use her skills to torture people for information. Her characterisation was excellent – I feel like I got to know Alex really well, and could follow her reasoning behind most of the decisions she made both before the novel started and throughout. I also admire her character development throughout the book. If you compare her character at the end of the novel to how she started it, they are two completely different people.

In fact, all of the main characters in the book are very well-written. I can’t say much more than this without my tongue slipping and revealing too much, but rest assured, if you read this book you will not be disappointed. Each of the main characters has their own personalities and mindsets and you can see the subtle similarities and differences between each of them.

The Negative

However, there is one part of the novel that I did think was quite forced. SPOILER ALERT – There’s a love story involved. The love story was I think a little bit forced and although I can’t say I’ve experienced half of what happens in the book, I didn’t feel like it developed organically enough to make it fully realistic.

With the exception of this one flaw, the book truly is a gripping page turner that will leave you wanting more – I certainly do!

Have you read the book? Feel free to comment and let me know your opinion!  I’ve added links below of just some of the places where you can buy a copy of the book.

Happy reading!

George x


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