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A review of January and planning my way into February

In Lifestyle by Susan

Hi.  Firstly where did January go?  We are now almost 1 week into Feb and I can’t keep up.  I am going straight in with a follow up review of the goals that I set myself back in January.  I am going to reply to my goals in another colour in italics so that we can really see how I did.  It has become very clear that what I actually failed on in January is planning my diary correctly.

January Goals reviewed

  • Finish Decorating Bathroom This has now been decorated, but I still need a blind and finishing touches
  • Finish Painting Window in Kitchen  Not Done
  • Read all outstanding magazines up to date  Not Done
  • Create a New Vision Board  Not Done
  • Take part in a photo project  I am taking part in the Makelight project #makelight365 on instagram where I can.
  • Organise Business Cards Not done
  • Clutter Clear I did clutter clear 4 bags of magazines – these were collected by an interior designer that I know.
  • Start Ebaying some stuff  Not done
  • Make sure Tax Return has been submitted by accountant  This has been done
  • Write lots of blog posts freely and enjoy writing  Not as many as I would have liked, but I now have a plan
  • Take lots of photos everyday  I have taken some photos, again not as many as I would like
  • Listen to my body and sleep when I need to  Unachievable when you have children and are self employed
  • N U R T U R E  my body by feeding it the right foods  Yes this is something I have been better at
  • Be  G E N T L E  on myself and try exercise little and often  Nope.  Dog walks only
  • Start reading a book  I am still working my way through LITTLE WOMEN
  • Sew something  No
  • Cook something new  No
  • Catch up with my Make-up and Brow Clients  Some
  • Update my Make-up Portfolio Yes I have started editing the site… still not finished
  • Read more blogs.  S U P P O R T  others  I have started researching sites that appeal to me.
  • Pin more on Pinterest  I have been pinning some stuff – Not as much as I should.

Review of January Goals

I think that I set some pretty good goals, however the reality is that this should have been spread over a few months.  This is a good starting point for me though.  Even just reviewing this is a learning curve for me.  Planning is key and I need to plan a month in advance a work, play and family calendar.  When these overlap, you can really see the true time you have.  When you set goals, you have to remember there are going to be things that happen that all have to be dealt with there and then and they can’t be scheduled or shelved.  For example parents evenings, doctors appointments, hospital appointments and children being off sick, none of which are planned but never the less can’t be ignored because its not on the ‘list’.


Lightbox reading FEBRUARY. Vase to the side with Eucalyptus branches in.

Actually I am going easier on myself this month.  All of the above still stands, I am just going to be prioritising things and if it doesn’t get done this month so what!  Last week was filled with doctors and hospital appointments along with a sick child and it really was hard to commit to anything conducive.  What I did manage from last week was to make some plans.

  • I have planned the blogs that I want to write and I am organising a chart to time schedule
  • The above plan will also reflect the photography that I need to do to support the blogs
  • I know I need to factor in home life into my diary too – Things like planning shopping, cooking, cleaning.  This stuff takes time too.
  • Half term this month – so getting ahead and organisation is essential.
  • I want to take some time off this month too.  Go out and explore.  Even if it is one day a week.  Just for me to re-boost.

What do you like to do on your days off?  How do you reboot?

Susan x