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Book 1 – Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

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Hi guys!  The first book I have read in the 52 Book Challenge is Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the script of the play that is currently playing to packed audiences in London. Due to my obsessive Potterhead nature and the scarcity of the tickets, I felt that this was a necessary item to appear on my rather short Christmas list this year. Now, having read the book, I am going to give you my spoiler-free verdict.

My opinion

I’m not going to beat around the bush: I was disappointed.

If I’m honest, the play was a little bit wasted on paper. My opinion of the play on stage remains unchanged (I’m still certain that it would be an unbelievably magical experience), but a lot of the emotion and sub-plot that actors can portray on stage was just not conveyed through writing. Because of this, I didn’t feel drawn to the story at all – I didn’t really start to connect with it until at least act two!

I was also really confused by some aspects of the story. It is difficult to explain this point without giving spoilers away, but it seemed to me that some characters and items that appeared in the original books acted and behaved completely differently in the play, almost as if they existed under different magical rules. As a result of this, I was left perplexed as to how such people and items were supposed to behave, and to take it even further, whether or not everything I had previously believed about the magical world still applies.

All is not lost

The book did have some small positives. We Potterheads got a continuation to the magical story that we fell in love with over the years. We learn new things about the characters that made up that story and get to return to the magical world that we dreamed about. I guess what I’m trying to get at is the main positive that this book has is that it is Harry Potter, and it has brought us the continuation to the story that we have been waiting nearly a decade for.

To conclude, although it is a continuation of the story that I fell in love with as a child (and still love dearly) and will always be part of the collection, it is a story that I personally think should have been left for the theatre.

Have you read the book? Feel free to comment and let me know your opinion!  I have added links below of where you can buy a copy of the book.

Happy reading!

George x


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