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Demon Dentist? Why do Dentists scare the living daylights out of me?

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What is it about the Dentist that causes panic?

I think in my case I have had my fair share of Dental trauma. Naturally! Of course, I would be the one in my family to have the unnatural tooth issues.

In a routine x-ray in my youth, they discovered that one of my molars (Big adult double tooth) was growing through sideways along the bottom gum. Basically heading towards my other teeth. No Brace was going to sort this out, so I was referred to the dental hospital in London. The job of removing the tooth was even too big for my dentist.

I was put in an adult ward at the hospital because I was too old for the children s ward and despite me actually being a child and being miles away from home, my parents were not allowed to stay with me overnight.  Sorry Mum if you are reading this, but I was terrified.  (Obviously, i don’t blame my parents at all, because they were only doing as they were told).   I remember coming around from the anaesthetic expecting to have 1 tooth gone, only the reality was that they had decided the best thing to do whilst I was under anaesthetic, was to remove more teeth!!!!!

  • Large sideways molar removed on bottom (my right) as expected
  • Wisdom tooth removed bottom right
  • Wisdom tooth removed bottom left
  • Double tooth removed top right (To allow wisdom tooth to grow down)
  • Double tooth removed top left (To allow wisdom tooth to grow down)


My face looked like a stuffed Hamster. I was so swollen I could only eat liquids for about 5 days!

I totally appreciate that they were probably doing me a favour in the long run because it has saved me wisdom tooth problems as an adult, but as a teenager OUCH!

It truly could have been a scene from the David Walliams book DEMON DENTIST.  (Perhaps he had heard my story?  Hmmm)

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Enough already.  Enough to terrify anyone of dentists…

…until the incident that happened with the Max the dog.

Let’s just travel back in time once again to my youth.  Secondary school age.

My childhood dog Max was my buddy.  He was my best friend and was there for me as I was growing up and best dog anyone could wish for.

This particular day I remember lying on my bed and calling for Max to come and give me kisses (stick with me here)… Max literally flew through the air and hit me square in the face.  He must have been grinning because I swear to this day I felt his teeth on mine.  There was no pain but I was aware of a lump of a tooth in my mouth.  I felt really bad because I genuinely thought that I had knocked out the dog’s tooth.  Alas, it turned out to be mine.

Not even a tooth that was hidden – it was my front incisor; snapped in two.  NIGHTMARE!!!

The worst bit was that I couldn’t even get in to see the dentist until the following day (After school) and I had to go to school with my front tooth snapped, by which time it was very painful.

So my fear of the Dentist grew again a little bit larger within me.

I had a veneer put on which I didn’t feel because of the injection, but the veneer has since had to be replaced with a crown.

THIS WAS BY FAR THE WORSE.  I have to remind you that I had had injections to kill any pain before I would even let the Dentist near me.  Don’t you think it is the sound and the sensations that are just as bad?  When I made the decision to opt for a crown it was based on the fact that they are stronger and last longer than veneers.  What I didn’t really think about was the small matter in hand that to fit a crown, they have to file your existing tooth into a stump (YES A STUMP).   The crown has been replaced twice as the first one fell off, this was horrible and probably worse than the original going to school with half a tooth.  I had to DO THE SCHOOL RUN with the children with a stump.


Crown is still in place and we have found THE NICEST DENTIST!  I have to say that taking Josh and Archie the other day, was one of the funniest times that I have EVER been and it has restored my faith in Dentistry.

Picture this:

Josh is lying in the dental chair with giant ‘protection googles’ on looking very similar to someone who should be working in the lab of Willy Wonka (Think Mike TV and the big goggles).

The dentist is about to start and then strikes a conversation about how fabulous Josh’s watch is, which Archie then announces he brought for Josh for Christmas, which leads on to him telling her all about his acting.

  • Josh still lying in the chair has to have a very small filling (Pin Prick size), so he can’t talk or join in the conversation at all.

The dentist was explaining to us that there is an actual Dentist in the surgery we go to, that is so terrified of seeing a dentist himself, that he pays privately to see a children’s dentist called ‘Mr Dentist’  SERIOUSLY?  So this made us all laugh – CUE the conversation about Friends. (Remember the episode where Ross still sees a children’s doctor, because he is scared of injections)

  • Josh still in the chair with his mouth open, as the dentist works on his tooth and chatting with us.

Still, in the  ‘Friends’  conversation, we started talking about favourite scenes and characters in which Archie shouts out ‘Joey doesn’t share food’, making the dentist and her assistant laugh ALOT. 

The Dental Assistant then tells Dentist that she really thinks that she would be the best ‘Phoebe’.

Dentist merrily works on Josh’s filling whilst singing ‘Smelly Cat’ at the top of her voice.

You could not make this stuff up.  Josh did not feel the filling at all because he was so busy trying not to laugh.

No more Demon Dentist for us.

Have any of you actually read Demon Dentist by David Walliams.  It is a brilliant book and I would highly recommend it (even for a SCARED MUM like me).

As a side note despite being scared of the Dentist, I still go every 6 months as do all my children.  Teeth are precious so I can deal with the scared bit for 15 minutes.  Make sure you go!  Remember there are a lot of dental practices that are not NHS now.  So NHS spaces are really limited.  If you don’t go every 6 months or miss loads of appointments they could refuse you NHS treatment.  Dental work is seriously expensive and I couldn’t afford to pay privately.

Susan x