My New Year’s Resolution – The 52 Book Challenge

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Hi Guys!

This year, I really struggled to come up with a New Year’s Resolution that I could willingly commit to. Health and fitness resolutions all seem a bit predictable and almost always fizzle out by the end of January. So I decided to look for something new, something I knew I could commit to!

After having a Google around, I stumbled across this feature and immediately it clicked with me. I’ve always loved to read, but because of college or work or other factors, I’ve found myself not having the time to sit down and commit to reading. This was my resolution this year: I am committing to read 52 books in 52 weeks.

Three weeks into the New Year, I’m going strong so far. I have tackled three books already and I am still set on my end goal! I will be keeping you updated on my progress, and watch this space for my opinions on each book…


Recommendations wanted

Feel free to send in any books you would recommend for me! I’m not worried about them being my normal cup of tea – reading this many books means I can explore a little and read outside of my comfort zone!

Also, with both Mum and I being keen bibliophiles, we are looking at the possibility of starting up a book club to share our passions with other avid readers. Make sure to sign up to the newsletter and we will contact you with more details soon!

Happy reading!

George x