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Blue Monday? Could my day get any worse?

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Where have I been for the last 41 years?  Today everywhere I have looked or listened people have been talking about ‘Blue Monday’.  So apparently today is ‘The most depressing day of the year’!

Well I have to say, that when all you are seeing and hearing is negative it doesn’t take long for you to feel the gloom sucking you down.

My day went like this:

According to Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain today; Benedict Cumberbatch is allegedly the person you would least likely want to wake up next to?  See this is where the world is going wrong? Seriously!  What is wrong with people? I have waffled on about Mr Cumberbatch a couple of times already on my blog, because I have been fortunate enough to have met him.  Guess what people, he is lovely.  genuinely a really nice man, who is not only bloody talented, but a really good role model to the young kids who lookup to him as an actor.  Rant over on this subject… I may come back to this though on another blog, because I want to understand where Piers Morgan got his information from Grrrrr.

It was raining and despite Archie getting a lift to school, I still had to walk to the shop to pick something up.

Our house was really dark today due to the weather and general lack of sun and I really needed some good natural light for my photography

I got a migraine

The battery went dead on my camera mid-shoot, despite me purposefully charging it overnight.  Note to self make sure you switch the power to on next time

So is Blue Monday actually a thing?

I really hope this is just a one-off.  One of those days where you just seem to spiral from one annoying thing to the next.  For me I seem to have enough to deal with without adding ‘Blue Monday’ to the Calendar.  Perhaps next year I will book myself off for that day just in case?


Today, despite all the annoying little things, ended up being fairly productive.  I managed to take lots of lifestyle product shots for a Boutique for a blog post that I have written for them.  This will be shared on here once it is live on their site so watch this space…

I also made some sweet potato and chorizo soup, which was nice.

Now I know what will cheer me up…chocolate and tea.

Thanks for listening.

Susan x