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Happy 9th Birthday to our beauty of a Labrador

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Yeah I know that she is never going to read this; so recording the dogs Birthday is purely a milestone for mine and the families benefit.  Never the less it is our pooch’s 9th Birthday so we are not letting it go unrecorded.

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Happy 9th Birthday to our beautiful black Labrador! She changed our lives totally when we got her! I won’t lie she keeps us on her toes, but we wouldn’t be without her.
Her and Archie have THE most amazing bond. Archie tells me that if he doesn’t make it as an actor he intends to be a dog behaviourist like Adem Fehmi our Dog Behaviourist (Dog-ease) which is high praise indeed. Without Adem from Dog-ease I don’t think she would be the dog she is today and we wouldn’t be the humans we are. We all know it’s the humans that need training not the dogs!!! Pets also really know when you are poorly. When I am having a really rough day and find it hard to walk across the field; this dog is by my side taking it as slow as I want.

Of course she had no clue that it was her birthday, but the sun was shining so we took her for a lovely walk over the fields.  A great opportunity for me to use my New Iphone 7 and the camera.  I am really happy with the images that I shot.  It is never easy shooting a dog and a child on camera.

Countryside. A beautiful View. Hertfordshire. Clouds with a Blue Sky. Bare Tree. www.aphoenixfromtheashes.comArchie Bradfield. Family Walk. Countryside. Hertfordshire Countryside. Winter Walks. Blue Sky with crisp clouds. www.aphoenixfromtheashes.comArchie Bradfield with our 9 year old Black Gundog Retriever. Hertfordshire Countryside. Blue Sky with fluffy clouds. Bare Trees. www.aphoenixfromtheashes.comBlack Labrador running in the Hertfordshire Countryside. Family Life.

Indoor Photography and the importance of natural light

Last night I thought that I would get creative with my Nikon Camera, Tripod, LightBox and the dog.  As you could probably predict our delightul pooch was not obliging at all, it seems she is particularly camera shy of the camera.

I really should have known better.  There was no natural light and no decent place to sit her.  It was a total mess really, for the 2 images that I have shown here there were several where she waited until she heard the click and then she moved her head or just got up and sauntered off.  Yes she is that clever.

Black Gundog Labrador Retriever. Lightbox reading Happy Birthday 9. Birthday Girl. Camera Shy. Black Gundog Labrador Retriever. Hiding Behind the Lightbox. Happy Birthday 9.

I think that we can all agree the IPhone Images from the walk are so much better than these taken indoors with no natural light.  THIS is such an important factor in photography that I am learning.  Why am I still posting them then?  Because I have vowed to be as honest as I can be on this website.  I also aim to inspire.  If anything It is inspiring me to attempt this shoot again when there is natural daylight, the dog is in a better mood and I may even add in more props.  I will not be beaten!

I may even use my new remote control for the camera.  If I am not in the vicinity of the camera, she won’t realise I am going to take it – or will she?

Susan x