Memory Jar. A beautiful way to create family memorys. Open them the following year and take turns to read the memories.

2016 Memories. The big Memory Jar reveal.

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It was last year that I started the Memory Jar for our family.  A memory jar for 2016.  The idea was that if we had a positive or good thing we wanted to jot down, then we could put it on paper, fold it up and put it in the jar.  Not to be opened and read until January 2017.  It was a new thing for us and being the only girl in a house of boys I knew it was going to be a challenge.

2016 Memory Jar

The idea was that we would all spend New Years Day together, with drinks in hand and take turns to open a folded up post it note revealing that joy that had been written.

Josh was away with his Girlfriends family for New Year, so we didn’t open ours until his return.  I was genuinely excited to see what had been noted from my boys as exciting memories.

Picture the scene:

I made Tea in a cute pot, we also had some ‘Snowball’ Drinks (Archie excluded), because well – we have really fallen in love with the old fashioned drink this year.  We all sat around the table and Archie picked the first memory – it was one of mine.  We all laughed and smiled as I recollected the memory.

The big reveal

So it appeared that each memory was mine.  Again and again.  Novelty was wearing off a little bit for me.  Then low and behold we had a note from hubby, and then one from Archie (full marks on spellings) and then another one from Archie (Spellings again).

Don’t get me wrong we had moments of cringing and embarrassment at trying to establish what Archie was reading out.

The one that he started reading was something along the lines of “I was so happy when hubby suspended me….”

W H A T?

By this point Roger and the boys were literately cracking up, crying with laughter.

It turns out it actually said:  I was so happy when hubby surprised me… *note to self make handwriting MUCH clearer*

There were quite a lot that needed deciphering like this.

My family

It became apparent that Josh has written 1 (ONE) memory from 2016 and that was a football related one.  George had a couple, Roger had a couple as did Archie.  I mean even my Mum had managed to sneak one in the jar when she had been cooking for the boys back in February, when Archie and I had been away filming in Cardiff.

The boys and hubby all said how lovely it was all sitting around and yes we had a good laugh.   Mainly at my expense because in my ‘Sueniverse’ everything that I wrote made perfect sense:

“Today I videoed myself doing push ups, I couldn’t do any, but God loves a trier”


2017 Goals

We have decided that we are keeping the 2016 ones sealed in a jar for memories and have already started the  NEW jar for 2017.  Josh dived straight in and wrote 2!!  So he has already doubled his intake of memories from last year.  P R O G R E S S.

I will be taking very careful measures with my handwriting.

Have your started any traditions with your family?  Let me know by emailing me at or you can comment below.

In love and light

Susan x