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January Goals. With positivity comes planning.

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With positivity comes planning.  Or so I am telling myself.  Time to actually jot down some targets or goals to do in January.  Lets not get confused.  This is not New Years Resolutions, I don’t really go in for all of that, but goals – yes!

January Goals

  • Finish Decorating Bathroom
  • Finish Painting Window in Kitchen
  • Read all outstanding magazines up to date
  • Create a New Vision Board
  • Take part in a photo project
  • organise Business Cards
  • Clutter Clear
  • Start Ebaying some stuff
  • Make sure Tax Return has been submitted by accountant
  • Write lots of blog posts freely and enjoy writing
  • Take lots of photos everyday
  • Listen to my body and sleep when I need to
  • N U R T U R E  my body by feeding it the right foods
  • Be  G E N T L E  on myself and try exercise little and often
  • Start reading a book
  • Sew something
  • Cook something new
  • Catch up with my Make-up and Brow Clients
  • Read more blogs.  S U P P O R T  others
  • Pin more on Pinterest


So now I that have blogged about it I am making myself accountable.

Some of these are work based, but some also involve spending time on my hobbies and being creative.  The decorating was hampered by illness before Christmas, but I need to finish it (Bathroom being the priority).  All of the above are small steps to bigger targets.  At the moment I am perfectly content with the smaller steps.  What is really interesting is that a lot of the above goals are going to lead to some really cracking blog posts to write.  Win Win.

Lets chat

Have you set any goals for January?  What are you hoping for this year?  Please feel free to email me or comment below the post.


In love and light

Susan xxx