Polar bear wall stickers from Nutmeg Wall Art. www.aphoenixfromtheashes.com

Decorating for Christmas with Nutmeg Studios

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Back in November,  we were beside ourselves with excitement when we were sent a parcel from Nutmeg Studios.  Actual BLOGGERS MAIL.

A tube full of Christmas Decal Stickers for us to test in our; over the moon is an understatement.

About Nutmeg Studios

Originally trained as a traditional sign writer, Adele spent 8 years working for sign and graphics companies, where she gained valuable experience in the practice of sign-making.

After leaving to have her first child, she decided to work freelance, which eventually led to the creation of Nutmeg.

Along the way, she made some wall stickers for her children’s rooms to personalise them and make them a bit special. Friends and family loved them, and she made some for their homes and offices, and with their encouragement set up Nutmeg to sell her designs.

Wall stickers are a fun, easy and cost-effective way to decorate your home. They’re mess-free, and can be put up very quickly, so you can transform a room in a matter of hours. Great for rented homes, they’re really easy to remove, too!

As well as standard designs (which feature lots of personalisation), she also loves designing bespoke wall stickers.

All Nutmeg wall stickers are made using industry-leading software and hardware, ensuring a sharp image and high quality finish.

Nutmeg Studios also have a wide range of house signs, house numbers, door signs and wedding signs available, which allow Adele to keep hold of her roots as a traditional sign maker, but with a modern twist.


I am a huge fan of Adele, founder and Creator of Nutmeg and have long been admiring her work over on her Instagram feed.  Definitely, check it out.  Her wall stickers have recently featured on a few celebrity homes too.

Please all go their website to see the full range of products.  Even as a fan, I didn’t realise the extent of the products that Nutmeg Studios produce.  If you want something bespoke for you and your family or business, give Adele a shout and discuss your ideas.  I certainly will be.

Back to my Christmas decorating

‘Me being me’ didn’t read the instructions and decided to jump straight in with a decal ‘Merry Christmas’ which I was going to put on my mirror.  Yeah, that wasn’t such a good idea as I got into a complete tangle and ruined the word ‘Merry’.

As this is a blog post (Not just for me) I sat down and actually read the instructions.  There is also a really useful video from Nutmeg Studios that I could have watched (But I didn’t) however for the sake of saving you the embarrassment of mucking up your first application – please watch it.

I am happy to say that once I read the instructions it was SO EASY to apply these stickers.

Even Archie and George helped me with the Polar Bears and snowflakes.




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Our very own Christmas Hygge

It’s happening.  Christmas is THIS WEEK.  It is a mad panic to the finish line I can assure you in this house.  Decorating the house for Christmas was put on hold until we had finished the building work in the Bathroom.  The bathroom is now finished (Decorating and finishing touches are not done) and the builders have left for now.  We still have some work to do, but it was time to say ‘no more’ before Christmas.  So preparations are now totally in full swing and panic is slightly setting in as we only have a couple of days left to do things.

Taking a moment to remember what Christmas is about and that the kids are SUPER excited this year is all it has taken to ground me.  Fairy lights are beautiful and the smells associated with Christmas are creeping into the house day by day.  We have started opening Christmas Cards.  I have made the Cake (Not decorated…yet).  The kids have already hung their stockings and I think we only have a few gifts left to buy.  The food is ordered and the countdown is on.

Thank you to Nutmeg Studios for sending us these lovely stickers.  I am so impressed with the ease in which they can be applied.

I have some plans for my own wall stickers which I will be speaking to Adele about in the New Year … Watch this space.

Susan x

*This is a sponsored post and we were gifted these items.

Please note that whilst we were sent these items to test – we as a family and a business will NEVER blog or promote anything that does not fit our brand or that we do not love. 

WE LOVE Nutmeg Studios and their products ❤