Marvellous Monochrome. Proper Post.

Proper Post – The Monochrome Edition

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Theme details

Monochrome is a classic that never goes out of style.  Simple & Striking it gets it’s message across in an effortlessly elegant way ❤’

Inside the pack

  • 2 cards of your choice
  • Square card
  • White Gel Pen
  • Washi Tape
  • Gift Wrap Set
  • Paperclips

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Featured in this months pack

Ellen Waldren

Feather and Flourish

Wishbones and Darling



This month I received a special surprise gift from Proper Post as a thank you for the unwrapping video that I published on last months pack.  (read the post here)

A gorgeous note book which I love and am already using.  For a stationery addict you can’t have enough notebooks can you?

Behind the scenes with Susan

“I have not done an unwrapping video this month of Proper Post, due to building work happening at home.  Our bathroom is finally started, which is really chaotic.  I am trying to zone out from the mess and think about the final room.  No more water pouring through my living room ceiling and a beautiful bathroom to relax in.  So please excuse me for the lack of blogging and photo updates on Instagram, but it is difficult to achieve beautiful imagery when surrounded by dust, plasterboard and boxes.  I am occasionally uploading Behind the Scenes stuff to my story on Instagram.  If you want to check them out as they are happening then please give me a follow here.  Is anyone else really excited with the Instagram updates?  I can’t wait to investigate the ‘LIVE STORY’ feature.”

Susan x