Hygge. Fresh Flowers. A single Yellow Rose. ©SusanBradfield for www.aphoenixfromtheashes.com

Hygge: Fresh Flowers in the home.

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Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) has been on my mind A LOT this week.

What is Hygge and why has this word just suddenly made my world finally make sense?

Hygge is a Danish word that is quite hard to be specific with because it roughly means what makes you feel happy and content. It is about Nurturing yourself and enjoying the simple things in life.  That could be baking, beautiful interiors, walks, a roaring log fire, candles…

In short it is what makes YOU happy in your soul.  This is totally what I am about, I just couldn’t figure it out, does that make sense?

Colour and Scent of Flowers

For me one of the things that I adore are fresh flowers in the home. They brighten up the home and absolutely make it smell divine.  So that is definiely on the list of My Hygge.

This week I have been surrounded with flowers in the house, which is quite unusual.  I very rarely get bought flowers unless it is my birthday or an anniversary.  On remembrance day last week 11/11/16 it was the anniversary of my Dad’s death, so I bought myself a yellow bouquet with specifically a yellow rose in, as that was my Dads favourite.

Hygge. Yellow Rose. Petals Image ©susanbradfield www.aphoenixfromtheashes.com

Hygge. A yellow Bouquet. Flowers. Fresh Flowers. www.aphoenixfromtheashes.com

My husband brought me a beautiful Bouquet also on Remembrance Day because he knew how sad I would be feeling.

Hygge. A bouquet of red flowers. Red Roses. ©susanbradfield www.aphoenixfromtheashes.com

Interestingly the yellow bouquet has died after 6 days.  I was given a red bouquet on the same day, it looks and smells amazing.

Today it has been so wet and cold.  I stood for a moment at the sink in a bit of a day dream and caught sight of the small Orchid that I have managed to keep alive.  It just looked so beautiful that I had to take a picture of it.  It also captures the gloomy day outside.

Hygge. Orchid in the rain. Petals Image ©susanbradfield www.aphoenixfromtheashes.com

Hygge and Feng Shui

I am making a mental note that I want a lot more pot plants in the house, but I want to research, because I love Feng Shui and I want to combine the art of Feng Shui with Hygge and get the perfect plants for me.

I hope your week has been bright and productive.

What are your favourite flowers?  Please take the time to scroll down and comment below?  I love hearing from you.

Susan x