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Super Moon and New Beginnings.

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Lets jump straight in and make a big confession.  I have not been following the Rebelfit plan at all for a good few weeks.  My health and stress levels have been up and down, so I have decided what with the Super Moon tonight to make some changes.  Yes I want to eat more nutritional food.  More for my health than weight loss (Although weight-loss is always a bonus).  So it is New Beginnings for me and a bit more Healthy Eating on MY TERMS.

Guilt Free

There is no disrespect what so ever to Rebelfit because they know their stuff and it bloody works.  That said with my Lupus and the Chronic Fatigue and the fact that my Bathroom is about to be ripped out, I need to control my food, my way on a daily basis.

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I feel no guilt because I know I am doing what is right for me at this time.  My body needs a sense of nurturing and recovery.  So I will take it slow, make conscious decisions about the food that I am eating, and accept what I do it and move on.  I am a busy Mum as well as a blogger, who is quite often dashing into London for castings, so yeah I eat on the run.


The last week I re-ignited my passion for cooking;  dug out some cookbooks and began making a few things.  Mince Pies were top of my baking list.  I don’t know why.  Probably because every time I opened the cupboard a jar of Mincemeat left from Last Christmas was staring at me.  (Don’t judge it was still in date).  I did make my own pastry and Archie even helped (At the end).  My blogging fail (the shame…)was that I didn’t take an image.  I was about to type an excuse about bad lighting, but blah blah blah, that is utter rubbish as I could have staged some imagery the following morning.  We just enjoyed eating them.  My pastry by the way (because I know you were wondering) was amazing.  No undercooked pastry, it was crisp and not a single soggy bottom.  Now where is Mary Berry or Paul Hollywood to judge…

Clutter Clearing

I am also on a mission to really clutter clear the house.  Nothing at all to do with Christmas, just because I WANT to do it.

On investigation in the baking drawer I discovered loads of stuff lurking at the bottom that belongs to Mr B (More importantly his shed!!).  The kitchen most definitely is jumping to the top of the list of my clutter clearing.  Watch this space.

Susan x