Cutting out 25 squares to make an advent calendar.

Sewing Project: Advent Calendar

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For my birthday back in August, my family kindly gave me gift vouchers for The Creative Sanctuary, a knitting and sewing boutique in Hertford.  Last week I finally took the leap and booked myself onto a beginners workshop.  It was to make an advent calendar!

I visited the boutique the day before to collect my material and the pattern, as on this particular workshop they asked if we could do some cutting out and preparation the night before.  Not a problem I thought, putting the bag on the side of the studio.  My plan was to wait until Archie was in bed and then I could totally focus on the material.

The realisation was that the preparation involved cutting out 25 advent squares, and for each square you had to fold over and iron each edge at a measurement of 1/4″ was a shock (note to self – read the instructions in advance).  Well that was a good couple of hours of my night gone, almost along with a couple of my fingers that I managed to iron in the process.

Preparation for a Sewing Class at The Creative Sanctuary at Hertford. Advent Calendar.

Having probably had the worst night sleep for a long time and suffering with a really bad headache I headed to Hertford the following morning to see what was in store.  I felt really nervous, despite the course being advertised as suitable for 8yrs +.  (Surely a 41 year old woman would be fine).

Kim was taking our class and made me feel very welcome.  She had the patience of a saint as I was VERY slow, and needed everything explaining in childlike fashion.  I soon got the hang of it and despite me taking an extra half an hour after the class had finished and knocking over a cup of coffee, I did finish.

The Sewing Table at The Creative Sanctuary.  Making an Advent Calendar. The Sewing Table at The Creative Sanctuary.

There is a fabulously large advent calendar now hanging in my studio to prove it.

Finished Advent Calendar. Christmas. Made at The Creative Sanctuary, Hertford.


I totally recommend browsing on the boutiques website to take a look at all of the workshops that are running.  If you have been thinking about learning a new skill, such as knitting, crochet or sewing then stop thinking and start doing.  Who knows you may end up bumping in to me, because I feel sure that this is only the beginning of my sewing journey.

Susan x