Autumn Styling. Get the look series with Susan Bradfield.

Get the look Series. Autumn Styling. There is a chill in the air

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It is Autumn and I am starting a ‘Get the look series’

I hate being in front of the camera.  These feelings go a long way back.

Encouraged by ‘Life Coach’ Jessica Rogers I am started to feel ready to step out of the shadows and try new things.  This involves me being seen instead of hiding.  I find this difficult but I am willing to give it a try.

So here I am in the first of the ‘Get the Look’ Series.

Susan Bradfield for A Phoenix from the Ashes - Autumn Styling.

The clothes that I am wearing are not current but well loved items.  They are as follows:

Bobble Hat – Aubin & Wills (Sadly their closed their store in 2013)

Sweatshirt – Jack Wills

Jeans – Ralph Lauren from TK Maxx

Get the Look…

I have tried to find items that are readily available RIGHT NOW – that you can snap up to recreate my look.