Badass Brownies. Image by Susan Bradfield. Jamie Oliver Christmas

Jamie Oliver Badass Brownies

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Jamie Oliver Christmas Cookbook – Badass Brownies with our own twist

As soon as the new Jamie Oliver Christmas Cookbook was launched I had to get it.  Being a Jamie Oliver Superfan (I love his cookbooks) this was a MUST HAVE item for my collection.

It is going to be right up there this year competing with my ‘Ultimate Favourite Christmas ‘ Book NIGELLA’s CHRISTMAS.


Josh and I were lusting over the pages frantically working out what we could cook, without heading off to the supermarket to get fresh ingredients.  I just love it when you find a recipe and actually can scrape the ingredients together from your store cupboard.

Badass Brownies – pg 280

This was the recipe!  We had most of the ingredients.  We didn’t have the macadamia nuts or the dried sour cherries, so we just substituted them.  The fun thing about cooking is trial and error.  If you never break the rules and try your own thing, you will never know if it will work.  So this was our substitution:

100g Macadamia Nuts  substituted for 100g chopped Pecans

100g Dried Sour Cherries substituted for 100g Gogi Berries

The bake

This recipe was easy to make.  Josh and I worked together, but he could easily have made this recipe solo.


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The result

WOW!  These Brownies are going to become a staple in our baking days.  We LOVED them.  In fact, we ate a couple whilst they were still gooey and warm.  I have to say when I tried one the next day when they were cold they were actually even nicer.

Give it a go.

Don’t worry about the mess, or whether it will go right.  Who cares.  Get baking.

Susan x

Badass Brownies. Image by Susan Bradfield. Jamie Oliver Christmas