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Proper Post – October 2016. STRONGER TOGETHER the big reveal

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The Big Reveal of Proper Post STRONGER TOGETHER

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I absolutely LOVE October’s pack from Proper Post.


I have been meaning to start doing You Tube videos for a long time now.  The video that I have uploaded is by no means perfect and I have A LONG WAY to go to make it perfect.  I guess I am going to be doing a lot of research into making videos, how to shoot them, and how to really use my camera properly.  That’s before I even work out how to edit them and add music etc.


Practise makes perfect right?  The You Tube channel is something that I will be building along with this site.  I want my lifestyle business to grow and develop.  This means stepping out of my comfort zones and who knows perhaps one day I will step out from the shadows of behind the camera and actually do some reporter style stuff.  (I said one day…).


I feel like I need to talk a little about our own shop.  Most of the stock that I have at the moment is from my previous store Beau Treasure.  Some stock will be reduced and moved into a Sale/Outlet section as it will be past season stock however some will remain at full RRP.  Brands to look out for:  Hatley, Lilly & Sid, Emile et Rose, Parlane and Gisela Graham to name just a few.

The delay in getting lots of the stock ‘live’ for you to buy is totally my fault.  I need to trawl through old data on the computer to see if I have images, if not then I have to retake the images myself.  It is worth the wait I promise because I have LOADS of stock.

What’s new

Look out for some cute mugs which are completely unique and designed by me.

Susan x