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Sunday Ramblings and cravings.

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Sundays for our family have been fairly chaotic for a long time (Probably for around 10 years or more).  We are part of the group of parents who spend their weekends juggling kids clubs and activities whilst trying to maintain and hold on the notion of quality family time.  Why do we feel like this?  You would think by now that after 10+ years of hubby and I going in separate cars to the various clubs on a Sunday that we would have this down to a fine art.


It should be easier as they get older shouldn’t it?  We are finding that it is not.  We are still required as taxi drivers for two of our little darlings, even though one of the little darlings is now 16 and needs lifts (along with friends) to parties or to the girlfriends, inevitably requiring a lift home later that night.

Annoyingly this Sunday pick-up fell slap bang in the middle of a very tense episode of Poldark which I had to pause (PAUSE…POLDARK…*GASPS*).  Its just as well we have a never-ending vat of unconditional love for the little cherubs (girlfriend included whom we love dearly).


Don’t jump to any ‘pregnancy’ conclusions because you would be VERY MUCH MISTAKEN.  I refer to my cravings of a good old fashioned Sunday Roast, sitting down all together and enjoying the meal.

Due to the chaos of our weekends, unless very carefully planned in advance; cooking a Sunday Roast just doesn’t seem to happen for us.  For some reason yesterday, I just really wanted that to happen.  Whether it is because I had way too much fresh air whilst negotiating a leaf rake in the garden trying to clear the leaves quicker than they were falling from the trees I don’t know.


Hubby returned from football with Josh (who is still on crutches btw) around 15:30.  Having just warmed up from the chill of the garden with a Hot Chocolate (Almond Milk and Cacao), I had of course decided that I did wanted the ‘Sunday Roast’.  As you can imagine Hubby was ‘delighted’ to find himself accompanying me around the local supermarket at 15.45 trying to find a joint of meat.  Ok so shopping for a Sunday Roast 15 minutes before the end of trade on a Sunday was probably not one of my finest moments, but we did manage to get a chicken crown and a lemon meringue pie.

Hot Chocolate in my EARTH ANGEL mug. Designed by Susan Bradfield for A Phoenix from the Ashes.


So the harsh reality for us yesterday was the sitting down for the ‘craved for roast’.

Only 3 of us were home.

George was out at work, Josh had gone to his Girlfriends.  It felt really odd and lonely.  We did however have a serious feast between the 3 of us and had a great game of UNO afterwards which made Archie’s day.

Sunday Traditions

My memories of Sundays are very different to how they are now.  They were very much based around family and I think the Sunday roast was the highlight of my week.  My Mum would have cooked the dinner (which would have been prepped earlier by my Dad), we all sat down together and enjoyed the food including a home-made pudding.  Mum will probably pull me up on this and correct me telling me she didn’t make dessert every-week. It is what I remember though and Mum (I know you are reading this) you did make the BEST desserts and puddings.

I know times have changed and trading laws have changed since I was a child, meaning shops can be open, resulting in people in retail having the opportunity to work.  Whilst it is great for economy and business, but not so good for quality family time perhaps.

Sunday Memories

I am pretty sure that I am worrying over nothing and my boys one day will look back and remember stuff that I have done with fond memories.  But I am going to attempt to bring some traditions into the household.  This is going to involve a lot of time planning between us all and If I end up with 1 Sunday a month with a jolly good Roast Dinner and some board games I will be a happy Mum.

Reading this back I am laughing to myself because my children who are aged 10, 16 and 19 are actually really happy, grounded and polite, so why am I worrying and who am I trying to create memories for?  Is it them or is it for myself.  Am I prematurely panicking about an ’empty nest’?

Hubby won’t be so thrilled when I write the words ‘family games night’ on the calendar.  (I am pretty sure he hates board games).

Over to you my reader…

What traditions did you have as a child and what can you remember about your own Sundays growing up?  Do you have important values do you try to bring into your lives from childhood?

Get in touch.  Comment below, I would love to hear your stories.

Susan x

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