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Life. An honest account of my Rebelfit journey so far

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I am doing the new Rebelfit 90 day plan.  If you read my first few blog posts I was super enthusiastic and my intent was to log my days on here, because it would keep me accountable.  Life can jump in and challenge you.


The only thing I have failed on is actually writing my blog.  I haven’t been following the rebelfit plan for a good couple of weeks for many reasons, but I don’t class myself as a failure.  Why?  It is because I am not treating this as a diet.  I am using rebelfit to help coach me into lifestyle change and breaking some bad habits that I have got into through dieting in the past.

Life just gets in the way

Its true.  My life became super chaotic a good few weeks ago and that is when it went horribly wrong for me.  I know I am a stress eater and a comfort eater.  So when water came through the living room ceiling from the bathroom, I comfort ate.  When my car got returned because it needed too much work to get it through the MOT, I comfort ate.

Life on set

For the last two weeks I have been accompanying my youngest Archie on set at Pinewood Studios.  I would love to tell you more information, however I am tied to a confidentiality agreement and can’t reveal a damn thing (until it is released that is).  Life on set is chaos.  I love it, but that is because I love the industry in general.  We were provided with food from the crew catering.  It varied greatly.  A couple of days I did have a salad, but generally you are greeted with cooked breakfasts, lunch is a hot meal and dessert.  Rebelfit was the furthest thing from my mind.  I am sorry Rebels.  It was an eat to survive the two weeks.

Another day another week

We are home from Pinewood Studios.  Archie is back at school and normality can commence;  (well as normal as it gets in this house).  Today for me is admin based, replying to hundreds of emails, listing the car on ebay, chasing the insurance company about the repairs, unloading the shopping delivery.  I also have lots of planning to do.  Where am I going with this Website?  For me it has always been a lifestyle thing and I am determined to bring a variety of quality and quantity to you.  Be prepared for lots of content winging its way to you over the next few days.

I have hand selected some items that I am loving right now that will inspire you whether you are working out or just chilling.