macarons. Image credit Susan Bradfield.

September 2016 it came and went in a flash.

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Thank you September

September has come and gone in a flash in the Bradfield house.  I can’t quite believe how quickly it has gone.  Does anyone else feel like that.

September for our family

Lets have a quick look through September and what it has meant to us as a family.

The children

Archie 9.  Castings have been full on this September and look to be continuing into October.  We find out this week if he has been confirmed for an exciting project.  Fingers crossed.  As well as castings, Archie has gone into year 6 at school.  Thursday nights is dance night and Sunday mornings is his LAMDA acting lessons.  You can see Archie on IMDB here.

Josh 16.  I can’t quite believe that Josh is now 16 and is a sixth former.  He is now studying his A Levels!  He plays for Buntingford Cougars U18 football team and recently also got signed for Royston U18s as well.  Josh lives and breathes football and I am so happy and proud of him that he is playing in these teams.  So Josh is out at least two nights a week playing matches or training and also on a Sunday!  As well as this he works on a Saturday and is keeping on top of his school work.  AMAZING

George 19.  After graduating from Emil Dale Academy with a BTEC in Performing Arts, George is doing an on-line Degree with Rose Bruford.  He is living at home, studying his degree and has 2 jobs!  The first week of Sept was challenging as George and I were both finding our feet, working at home and settling into our routines around each other.  We are getting there and it is working better than we thought.  So far so good.  Its been a tough year for George with lots of changes.  So so proud.

The grown ups

So September has been bloody challenging for me.  My to-do list is ridiculous and still is far too long.  Work wise:

My new design blog launched and I have managed to get a shop facility on it which is really exciting.  I can now start adding lots of stock to it (left from my former business Beau Treasure), although this is going to take much longer than I initially thought.  We are shipping worldwide too.

When Archie has a casting I am his chaperone; so this means dropping my stuff and heading into London or wherever with him.  The need for a laptop this month has grown.  I really need to be able to work from anywhere and it is really frustrating me that I can’t do that currently.

In September I attended some workshops at Southwood Social HubCalligraphy and Goal Setting (I still need to write a blog on the goal settings).

I also had my last ‘summer wedding’ of the season as a Make-up Artist and have been busy beautifying brows in my studio.

Did you read about our home disaster with the leak…No?  You can catch up here.   My car has also been committed as an official OAP and needs to be retired from driving.  Basically I sent the car in for service and MOT and there is SO much wrong with it, It is not worth paying to get it repaired.  So after many tears I have now started looking for a new car (second-hand).

Hubby is back at work after having a wonderful 3 weeks off in the summer with us.  He has joined a gym near to his work, which is great.  I think when you work in a stressful job like he does, you need some space to unwind and the gym is perfect.  Roger also does a lot of the football runs with Josh, because more often than not it clashes with Archie’s dance and drama.

My beautiful Mummy turned 70 on Sept 30th.  So proud of her and love her to the moon and back.


On my to-do list is to take lots more photos.  As part of the Makelight group we were set a Makelight Photo Bingo Challenge for September.  Time just has not been on my side this month and I probably only completed 30% of the list.  I have 5 images to submit to the competition, so I can still enter, however annoyed with myself for not taking them all.

I have worked out how to make a photo-movie using Imovie and after several hours of trying to work out how to save it anywhere I managed to get it into my You Tube account.  (How impressive all of this tech stuff I am learning).

I am very happy with the photos that I have taken.  This is just a selection

Have you got any photography challenges set for October.  I would love to join in, so please get in touch.

Susan x