Sausage Party – The Verdict

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A Film Review on Sausage Party by George Bradfield

Recently, I had the opportunity to see the film Sausage Party in the cinema. Here’s my verdict:

Sausage Party Frank Release Poster - A hero will rise -

All of the food at Shopwell’s Grocery Store believe that if they remain pure, they are destined for the great beyond outside the supermarket. However, after one trip to the great beyond mistakenly leaves Frank the hot dog sausage and Brenda his bun girlfriend, Frank goes above and beyond to get back to his friends in the great beyond. As Frank’s journey spans the supermarket, can he escape the evil Douche, who is bent on revenge? Can he handle the dark truth he will uncover? And can he persuade his fellow foods to abandon their beliefs for a chance at freedom?

What I loved about Sausage Party

The first thing that I loved about the film was the characters. Each of the characters, no matter how small, have been meticulously created to each be their own individual person. Despite the fact that they are anthropomorphic characters (in other words, not human, but food), you cannot help but fall in love with the good guys and hate the bad guys just as much as you would if they were humans. My particular favourites were Barry (voiced by Michael Cera), the adorable deformed sausage who found love in an unlikely form.¬† Salma Hayek’s Teresa del Taco, whose love inspires her to take on a mission she never believed possible, Conrad Vernon’s hilariously racist Sauerkraut, designed to be a food interpretation of Hitler.

I also loved the moral messages that this film carried. If you look past the stereotypes and profanities that at first glance is all the film seems to be, it carries some deep messages that we can take away from the cinema. First of all, it shows you that no matter who you are, no matter what your shape or size, love is out there for you. This message is a refreshing look on society, especially in today’s media-influenced society. The other giant message that the film gives is that if you respect other’s beliefs and all work together despite your differences, great things can be accomplished. I feel that this message is the most important of all, considering the tense climate of the present day.

What I didn’t like about Sausage Party

However, even with the characters and the messages, at points in the film it just seemed like profanity and explicit humour was what carried the film, often seeming forced or unnecessary. This sums up the film’s one great fault: it lacked a strong story line. Although the premise of the film, that food and drink has thoughts and feelings just like humans, is one of comedic excellence, I believe that the writers chose to focus overly on the humour rather than balancing the humour with a story that, with a little more care taken over the details, could have made an outstanding film.


George’s Verdict: Three Stars -

This film carries not only an outstanding cast of characters who strive to make the audience wet themselves with laughter, but a message that could benefit all of humankind.

Despite this, the story of the film and the delivery of this message is sometimes lost behind excessive jokes and humour.

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