Toilet Humour Needed. Travel.

Travel Back in Time. Toilet Humour…again. Too much information?

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Let’s travel back in time and talk Toilet Humour

To last Thursday actually when I was having a very motivated well timetabled day.  Archie had 2 very important castings to attend in Central London, so I had Thursday morning (3 hours) to get everything that was on my to-do list actioned before I collected him from school.  My body had other plans, toilet plans to be precise.  Once again my body went into spasm and I spent the first couple of hours in and out of the toilet with diarrhoea.  Now lets lay this out now on the table.  I hadn’t eaten any bad food so food poisoning was out.  There was no alcohol consumed so it wasn’t drink related and it definitely wasn’t a bug.  The exact same thing happened to me back in June, EXACT SAME PATTERN.

So what is the common factor?

The weather and Sun.  Last week especially in the build up and including Thursday was really hot and humid.  That is the only thing that could be the link that is the same as the time before.  I have to be careful in the sun (Lupus) and last week I think going to and from the school I wasn’t overly careful in avoiding the Sun.  In June we also had a heatwave the week I had the issues.

The mistake…

My mistake on Thursday is that I took too many Imodium.  I didn’t take more than the daily allowance, but my family and I have come to the conclusion that having 3 in 10 minutes was a little excessive.  I thought I was taking the tablet as per the instructions on the box.  Take 2 tablets for your first dose and then 1 tablet after each following bout… Well that’s what I did.  George said I really should have waited, because they take up to an hour to work. Ah.

They worked.

I was able to sit in probably the hottest, stickiest, airless room for over an hour at Pineapple Dance studios for one of Archie’s castings and then the same amount of time in intense air conditioning at Spotlight for the second.

So what is the problem?

The problem for me has been this:

I took the Imodium on Thursday and today is Monday!  YES readers 4 days later!  It has taken 4 days for my bowels to wake up.  Sorry for being gruesome but I am trying to make this blog as honest as possible and the reality is everyone poo’s.  They are lying if they say they don’t.  So today I have opened my bowels… A-LOT.!

Have I written an unnecessary blog on a taboo subject that no one wants to hear about?  I hope not.  I am sure like me you have all had your own comedy moments involving ‘Toilet Humour’.  My children will be the first to tell any unsuspecting stranger stories about me.

So the embarrassment continues…

Which Archie did on set of filming BBC The Hollow Crown – War of the Roses to many people.  Imagine my horror when he just mid conversation blurts out the story of the mouse, and you know what’s coming.  When your small child is on a TV set surrounded by people who are suddenly intrigued as to why ‘Mum’ is going pink in colour and desperately trying to steer the conversation away from the mouse.

My Mum was so scared when a mouse ran over her foot that she just stood and wet herself

YES ITS TRUE.  It is true.  Sadly.  Clearly I didn’t realise how scared I would be when confronted by a mouse, and when It ran over my foot I slammed the door in panic, leaving myself completely in the dark with the mouse.  I screamed a blood curdling scream that woke the whole house and promptly wet myself.


I can laugh about it a little.  However this year when we had a mini infestation of mice back, I did get serious and brought every type of mouse trap in town and even contemplated buying a cat (and for me who is allergic to cats that’s serious).  Thankfully they are now all gone.  We are currently facing the prospect of the HERTFORDSHIRE SPIDER which I am in denial about.  I am so close to carrying a hoover on my back just in case… ( I HATE SPIDERS)!

S x