Bradfield Staycation. West Wittering Beach

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Staycation Part 2

For those that followed our previous ‘staycation’ adventures as a family throughout the beginning of August I wanted to add another outing to our log.  Our outing to West Wittering Beach is very delayed coming to the blog which I apologise for but today in the UK the temperature has dropped and it is raining, so it seems the perfect day to share some beach pictures.

West Wittering Beach

This beach is one of our favourite beaches.  We have quite a few around the country, but this one is right up there.

Easy parking, good toilet facilities, a cafe and a shop, lifeguards and more importantly miles of sand.

According to their website West Wittering Beach is available for use as a film location and photo-shoots.  I am not surprised.


A Kite.  Clouds.  West Wittering Beach.

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Bradfield Staycation.  West Wittering Beach.

The weather

It was changeable weather.  Not enough to stop us.  George for a period was so cold he got his jumper on, many towels and hid inside the beach pod.  After lunch, the sun broke through and it was a very very warm day.

We had a really lovely day at the beach, we didn’t really want to leave and were all quite sad to go.   West Wittering we will be back.

Susan x