Rebelfit mission. 90 days. Trainers. Running Shoes.

Fitness Coaching and Choosing our plan

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Rebelfit Day Two

We have spent the last 2 days of the Rebelfit mission preparing for the next 90 days of training.  On the facebook group we have been given lots of information on fitness and nutrition and really what we have in store for us.  The reality is this mission is not going to be easy, it is going to push my limits completely.

Fitness Coaching

What is fitness?  In this section we have learnt about the strength training, time under tension and shocking the muscle.  Sounds scary?  For a completely unfit body like mine it is.  We have learnt the difference between strength training and endurance training and what you can achieve by doing one or the other, and by blending the two to find a balance.  For example I want to build my strength (and you will see why in a minute) but I don’t want to be a body builder.  I also would like to be able to build my endurance to walk the dog further, but I don’t want to be a runner.

The fitness Test

We were asked to complete a fitness test using a range of different exercises to see exactly how many we could do of each one before it fatigued the muscle and we could do NO more.  After each exercise, we had to record our levels, because after the 90 day mission ends we will repeat the test and compare where we have improved.  Before we started we had to choose between 3 work outs.  Bodyweight, Dumbbell or Kettlebell.  Clearly I am in the bodyweight section because I am so ridiculously weak.

The exercises

So lets look at the exercises and my score (DO NOT JUDGE ME on my weakness):

  • FULL PUSH-UPS (Note FULL – not half)
  • FULL SIT UPS (Note FULL sit up – not crunch)
  • PUNCH PLANKS (I had no clue what this was but Rebelfit provide links to the exercises on You Tube)

I struggled with them.  George who has just completed two years Full time at Emil Dale Academy and is used to this kind of thing, drilled me through them like I was in the army.

My results

Do we need to really discuss my results.  I suppose in my declaration of honesty then I will show you them.  Am I surprised by them?  Not really.

  • SQUATS  40
  • LUNGES 17

We agreed total honesty, so there you have it.


Exhaustion.  My body feels like it has been attacked.  I thought my scar on my stomach was going to rip open and it was going to become a scene from Alien.  Half and hour after completing the workout I found I couldn’t get up out of the chair and hubby had to lift me out.  YEY!  Bring on the 90 days… *note the sarcasm*.

According to George I won’t hurt until 2 days later.

Susan x