Calligraphy. Learning a new Skill

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Calligraphy with Ellen Waldren

Last Saturday I had a full day of creativity with a room packed with inspiring women at Southwood Social Hub learning Calligraphy with Ellen Waldren.

We were greeted with tables already layed out with our very own bespoke folders labelled with our names written in beautiful Gold Calligraphy.  My heart was singing with excitement, only made worse when we got personalised gold calligraphy name stickers.  When Ellen then gave us our own pens my excitement did get the better of me and my inner child definitely showed its face.

Personalised Folder. Gold Calligraphy. Calligraphy Workshop.

Inside the folder we had pages of templates for us to work with to properly learn the letters.

Calligraphy with Ellen Waldren.

Harder than it looks

Calligraphy is hard.  Yes it is art and I love art, but the first thing we realised is that we had to hold our pens slightly tilted and at a different angle to our normal writing hand.  You also have to write each letter VERY slowly and controlled especially whilst you are learning.  Do you remember the exams from school where you are writing for over an hour solidly and you get that hand cramp.  That’s how I felt.  In fact it wasn’t just my right writing hand that was cramping, my left was cramping in an awkward claw hand because I was concentrating so hard.  When I looked around the table I realised that I was not the only one with this issue.  Ellen suggested we held something in our left hands to distract it by giving it something to do.

Calligraphy with Ellen Waldren.

Calligraphy with Ellen Waldren.

School Life

The pressure of concentration around the room was intense and hysterical at the same time.  I am the world’s worst at getting the giggles in tense situations and once I start I find it hard to stop.  Our table giggled a lot through the day.  Is this what it is like for our children when at school?  Imagine being in a classroom expected to stay silent and concentrate for the whole day.  I couldn’t do it.  Whilst this situation was intense and about learning a new skill, we are all grown women, so relaxing and making friends is all part of the experience for me.  We concentrated when we were reminded to, and listened when we needed to.

Caligraphy with Ellen Waldren

I actually had a small childish tantrum when I realised I had written a whole sentence in Calligraphy only to realise I had spelt a word completely wrong.  Can you spot it below?

Calligraphy with Ellen Waldren.

New Skills

It was an amazing day.  Not only have I learnt how to write in beautiful Calligraphy, but we also used an app called Superimpose where you can create your own logos from your own Calligraphy writing.  How cool is that?

Superimpose. Calligraphy Workshop with Ellen Waldren.

I have also arranged with two lovely ladies from the group to be pen-pals.  Yes we are on a mission to bring back the beauty of letter writing.  This is something that is really important to us.  The feeling of receiving an actual letter through the post.  It doesn’t happen very often now unless it is Christmas or Birthdays in our house.  I am the first to write, so watch this space.

Susan x

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