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Rebelling again with Rebelfit

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Rebelfit 2.0

I have not been signed up to a rebelfit mission for a couple of months now.  The lupus issues that I have had along with Chronic Fatigue have really stumped me.  I have been concentrating on eating better food and apart from 1 yoga class a week, I have not really done anything.

But then I had an email from Rebelfit, launching their new mission.

Its 90 days of expert coaching. daily support. tailored to you. results for life.

With the new design blog and my focus on writing along with being transparent and honest, I decided that It would be a good option as a blogger to challenge myself publicly and is find out if this is the mission for me?


I am trying really hard to NOT let Lupus win and I don’t want everything to refer back to Lupus, however health and fitness will be affected by it.  I didn’t sign up straight away, because I don’t want to be a burden to the group and end up feeling a failure.  With this in mind, I emailed Liam from Rebelfit to congratulate him on the launch of the 90 Day programme. I wanted to wish him well, whilst letting him know my desire to join in, but my reluctance to be a pain.

The response popped into my inbox very quickly saying that I have never been a burden and am welcome any-time within the missions.  What really was the line that won me over was when Liam said:    ‘Transformation doesn’t have to mean rippling abs. It can also mean walking down a field, if the field seemed impossible once upon a time. You should draw inspiration from the Paralympics, amazing people achieving amazing things against all the odds.’

This was the key.  Whilst I am willing to talk about the Lupus and I accept that it is a part of my life and I will have to adapt my life accordingly on a day to day basis, I will NOT allow it to define me as a person.  If all I get from this mission is the strength to walk the dog down a field on a daily basis then that is progress.

The mission

I have joined the Bronze Team which is the entry level package and have joined the private facebook group along with all the other recruits who are on Bronze.


Day 1

We received our MISSION PACK talking us through everything.

We introduced ourselves to everyone else in the group.  As part of the ‘body assessment we were also asked to take pictures of our ‘before bodies’ which we were not asked to share.  This is purely for ourselves as a reference point to look back at.

Then we talked about body assessments.  How to estimate the body % of fat just from looking at our own images.  Understanding why it is NOT good to weigh yourself.  1lb of fat and 1lb of muscle weigh the same, and yet the 1lb of fat will be larger in size to the 1lb of muscle.  So for example If I do some strength training and start to build muscle: that muscle is going to weigh heavier than fat, however I will be burning fat.  If I was to then jump on the scales everyday to weigh myself, I may find that I am gaining weight, become demoralised and head straight for the chocolate digestives.  What I need to remember is that as I am building muscle, I will be losing fat % (in effect my body will be changing shape).  It is not about weight.

Our group despite no pressure to share our before pictures ended up all sharing them.  There is no shame, no judging, we are all in the group for our own reasons and most importantly there to learn and change.

#instarebels Follow my journey on Instagram If you use the #instarebels hashtag you will find out who else is on this mission.


Now that I have told you what I am doing I am committed to you.  You will have 90 days from me with little diary entries, food diary’s, mood diary’s with a general round up ‘warts and all’ to how I am getting on.  Lucky you.  This is of course in addition to all of the other posts I have planned.  I am writing the rebel mission diary one day behind (As I am writing this we are working on Day 2 Fitness which I will fill you in on tomorrow)

My before photos, I will not be sharing on here publicly until after the 90 days.  (You can hold me to that – Warts and All).  My current estimated body fat percentage based on my photos was between 35% – 40% So I have work to do.

S x