River Walk from Ware to Hertford.

Walking from Ware to Hertford along the river

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A beautiful walk along a river

It was just Hubby, Archie the dog and I and we decided (actually it was my idea) that we would do the Ware to Hertford walk along the river… and back again.

The River Walk, Ware to Hertford, Blue River Boat

The weather was cloudy when we left and I had earned  some serious Mum Brownie Points just because I suggested Archie rode his bike.

I think I was the only person out with jeans on, DM boots (Comfort and style) and a long sleeve top with a felt hat.

This is no joke.  I had decided that I needed to protect my skin today.  My ‘driving arm’ despite being sun-creamed has really been damaged from the sun whilst driving.  I have had to have the window down as the air con in the car is broken.  So now my arm has 3 patches which look like I have a bad mosquito bites …wrong, it is in fact 3 freckles that have scabbed and come off.  #lupusissues

So going back to my story.  I am fully dressed, hot (the sun came out) and protected for a long gently stroll.

Actually not so gentle when you realise you are following a 10 year old on a bike.

Cows on the path

That was interesting.  3 cows had escaped a nearby field and were minding their own business on the path.  Negotiating around livestock by a river with a dog is always fun especially when the cows are clearly nervous around dogs.

Cows on the Path, Ware to Hertford, River Walk, www.aphoenixfromtheashes.com

It is such a beautiful walk.  We live very close to both Ware and Hertford (The latter being the town I was born in and grew up in, so lovely memories).

The dog was super well-behaved, only cutting Archie up once and to be honest that was his own fault for calling her name as she was running.  She also loved the water.  Normally she will go in the water for a retrieve and straight back out, or just stand looking at you with a ‘what do you want me to do’ kind of look.  On this occasion she took every opportunity (and I mean every opportunity) to launch herself Olympic style off the bank into the water and she just swam, and swam.  Our labrador is quite funny because when wet she looks like a seal, so watching her in the river was like taking a seal out to play instead of a dog.

Labrador, Ware to Hertford, River Walk, www.aphoenixfromtheashes.com

Labrador, Ware to Hertford, River Walk, www.aphoenixfromtheashes.com

Bank Holiday Picnic

Hubby and I both agreed that it was lovely to see so many families out in Hartham Park on a Bank Holiday.  Normally it rains on Bank Holiday Monday in the UK.  Not on this occasion.  There was picnic blankets everywhere, family’s playing games, kids learning how to ride bikes, people fishing.  Like an idyllic British Bank Holiday should be.

I found some shade under a tree with the dog and the bike and waited whilst hubby and Archie brought us lunch.  So we had our own mini picnic before heading back along the river in even more blistering heat to Ware.

Felt Hat, Outdoor Fashion, Walking, www.aphoenixfromtheashes.com

River Swimming

Whilst it is great seeing kids jumping in the river and swimming, I draw the line at jumping into the deep water by a lock when there is a canal boat coming through and the gates are opening ‘just for the kicks’.  I felt sick watching them and pray that their stupidity won’t result in injury or death, just so they have the ‘best Snapchat story’.  I am probably coming across as Mrs Sensible now but its my opinion and I know I wouldn’t want my boys doing anything as stupid as that.

All in all it was a really lovely afternoon, Archie was tired and so was the dog, so win win.

I am definitely going to do more local walks, we live in such a nice area in Hertfordshire it is silly not to explore.

Susan x